What About Black Friday and Other Seasonal Sales at Business Change Academy?

Black Friday Sales
Joe Newbert

November 27, 2020 in News

Will Black Friday 2022 bring a Business Change Academy Discount?

What about a Cyber Monday Sale? Or a special offer around Christmas? These questions come up quite frequently this time of the year.

Read on to find the answer...

Note: This offer was made for Black Friday 2021, but we are offering the exact same special again for 2022.

The short answer is: no.

We don't do Black Friday Discounts or any other seasonal sales.

Let me explain why we don't do any seasonal sales, here at Business Change Academy. It's not because we forget about these occasions or because we just don't care. In fact, we have some very strong reasons for not participating in sales.

Read the most important ones below.

Reason #1: Fairness, Buyer’s Remorse, and Overpriced Courses

Imagine you signed up for Business Change Academy training a month ago and now you find out that we offer some crazy discount on Friday. How would that make you feel?

Disappointed? Betrayed? Maybe even a bit angry?

Those are not feelings we want our customers to have.

We strive to treat every single one of our customers fairly and we do not want anyone to feel buyer's remorse.

Treating our customers fairly also means that we do not overprice our courses, just so that we can offer a big ticket seasonal sale.

The price you see now on our website is and will always be the lowest possible price so you'll never regret your purchase.

Reason #2: Stagnation, Fence Sitting, and Career Growth 

On top of treating customers poorly, offering price discounts also encourages a behaviour we are not at all in favour of: stagnation.

If there are sales every few months, then it's understandable for people to stay on the fence and put their career on hold for "later". After all, why pay full price now when you can just wait for a sale? And why jump on this sale when the next one might be even cheaper?

Stagnation is a common and highly detrimental problem among business analysts and we don't want to contribute anything to it.

To the contrary: we believe in the spirit to 'keep growing'. 

Keep growing means that you learn the "fundamental skills" and practice them immediately, so that you can use real-world feedback to improve quickly and constantly--not once a year.


When you build the habit of learning into your life, you guarantee that you will never stop growing.

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That's why in courses like Business Analysis PracticeModelling Business Processes and Requirements Engineering you'll find tools that you can use immediately no matter your project. And it's why a lot of our writing and teaching is based around the principle of technique-driven analysis.

Waiting for seasonal sales to take a training course prevents you from taking action, which is the exact opposite of this approach.

Whether you're looking to start or continue your business analyst career, and you want to accelerate your career growth, the perfect time to purchase our courses is now.

Reason #3: Markdowns, Launch Offers, and Congruent Value

For some products, it makes sense that getting them NOW costs more and that at a later point in time, you may get the same product for a much lower price.

Take a smartphone, for example. When it's brand new, the phone is at the peak of its value. The more time passes, the more outdated the technology becomes and the lower the value of the phone, compared to other, newer entries in the market.

In this case, seeing a 50% price cut on an older model during a sale makes sense and it's not something that screws over the customers who bought the phone when it was new.

With Business Change Academy courses, we strive to do the exact opposite. This is why we do special offers when we launch a new course. At the very beginning, you can get the course for a lower price. This is not unfair to anyone, since no one paid a higher price for the same thing, previously.

But it also makes sense in terms of the value of the training. Our offering gets better over time, as we add more materials, improvements and support. That means it would be doubly unfair to offer them at a lower price, later. You'd be getting a more valuable course at a lower price than previous customers.

What's Your Take On This?

That's our reasoning for not having any discounts at Business Change Academy. I'd love to know your thoughts on this, too. Let us know in the comments below!