BCS Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering


BCS Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

Course Description

Essential IT systems analysis training to help you elicit, analyse, document and validate business and system requirements — all while achieving an internationally recognised BCS and IIBA® certification.

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Basic, essential and professional options that match your ambition. Flexible options to suit you:
- R5455/exam (Basic)
- R10145/course (Essential)
- R15,600.00 R13260/bundle (Professional)

Key Learnings

Includes requirements elicitation, requirements analysis, requirements documentation, requirements validation, requirements management, and much more — giving you everything you need to know to pass the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering exam.

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Yes, it's possible to put the fun in functional requirements.

Being able to pinpoint your stakeholders expectations for a newly introduced or modified existing product is key to the success of the completed solution.

To do so you need to develop the skills needed to work with requirements stakeholders to ensure that requirements satisfy various perspectives and that conflicts are negotiated to a position of consensus.

And this Requirements Engineering course is designed to help you do exactly that...

By developing the skills needed to work with stakeholders and other requirements actors, you will learn how to ensure the requirements are complete, unambiguous, realistic and testable.

Requirements Framework to Eliminate Friction (and Have Fun)

Navigate systems analysis, and get full visibility into the requirements of your business.

Stakeholder roles

Understand the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholder groups.

Elicitation techniques

Apply a range of requirements elicitation techniques to match the situation.

requirements catalogue

Analyse, prioritise and organise a set of elicited requirements.

Requirements documentation

Define, document and prioritise requirements for an information system.

requirements validation

Identify problems with requirements and improve the requirements document.

functional modelling

Business Perspectives

Create a model of the features and functions required from a system.

data modelling

Produce a model of the data requirements for an information system.

requirements traceability

Handle the linking of system requirements to the Business Case.

requirements Management 

Implement the quality principles of requirements management.


This course challenges you to think differently about engaging stakeholders.

We tend to stick with what we know and what has worked before. But this course challenges you to think differently about engaging stakeholders in requirements definition.

My most valuable lesson was seeing the relevance and benefits of organising and categorising requirements, as well as building use cases.

And the group discussions and case studies really helped to drive the framework home.

Trevor McCarthy , Senior Business Analyst at HomeChoice

Moving You Closer to Your Career Goal

Modelling Business Processes works towards all the sought-after professional certifications.

BCA Certificate Programme in Business Analysis

Requirements Engineering is a qualifying module towards your BCA Certificate Programme in Business Analysis (CPBA), for people needing to formalise their skills.

BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis

Requirements Engineering is a Core module towards your BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, for people tagging a higher-level BA qualification.

IIBA Core Business Analysis Certifications

Requirements Engineering provides you with 21 PD hours/CDUs towards your IIBA® certification and re-certification, for people seeking the ECBA™, CCBA®, or CBAP®.

Everything You'll Learn on Requirements Engineering

To give you more of an idea of how the course will help you, here’s a quick guide to the syllabus.


Requirements engineering rationale

Definition of a ‘requirement’; requirements hierarchies; knowledge types; requirements engineering framework for linear and agile.


Stakeholders in requirements

Definition of a stakeholder: business, project and external; stakeholder roles and responsibilities; role of the business analyst.


Managing the requirements

Planning for requirements engineering; business context and business case: linear and Agile development; project initiation.


Eliciting the requirements

Knowledge types; interviews; workshops; observation; supplementary techniques; and the applicability of techniques.


Analysing the requirements

Prioritising and packaging requirements for delivery; organising requirements; prototyping requirements; verifying requirements.


Documenting the requirements

Types and hierarchy of requirements; documentation formats – user stories, use cases and catalogue; requirements document.


Modelling the requirements

Purpose of modelling; context diagrams; modelling functions – use case diagrams; modelling data – class models; cross-checking models.


Validating the requirements

Agreeing the requirements document; types of reviews; stakeholder responsibilities and concerns; validation in linear and Agile development.


Managing the requirements

Dealing with changing requirements – version and change control; requirements traceability – vertical, horizontal; support tools; re-use and patterns.


Delivering the requirements

Approaches to solution delivery; linear and iterative development approaches; post-deployment and benefits confirmation.

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How Business Change Academy Professionals Are Breaking Through the Noise

Here’s what some of our learners say about how Requirements Engineering helps them cut through the clutter and deliver business change in remarkable ways.

This is a fantastic course, for every business analyst.

This is a fantastic course, for every business analyst. And as a business analyst mentor I have used the course learnings to share new concepts inside my organisation.

Petrus Morobi Senior Business Analyst, OM Insure

The course opened up my mind to a new understanding of requirements.

The course opened up my mind to a new understanding of requirements, giving me many techniques I can apply to improve how I work with stakeholders to specify their requirements.

Janine Buis Business Analyst, Old Mutual

Rated 4.98 out of 5 stars

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Meet Your Trainer

Joe Newbert is the Chief Training Officer at Business Change Academy, where he has been teaching business analysis since 2007. During his career he has worked on 1000+ projects ranging from package implementations, to bespoke development, to process reengineering and advisory consulting.

Joe is a sought after expert on industry initiatives and at community events all around the world, having contributed as:

  • Author IIBA® Business Analysis Competency Model
  • Non-Executive Director IIBA®-SA Strategy Board
  • Speaker PMI® Business Analysis Virtual Conference
  • Speaker Business Analysis Conference Europe
  • Presenter IIBA® Leadership Series
  • Editor-in-Chief at Inter-View Report
  • Show-runner at OneSixEight.fm

And he has been awarded the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, of course!

Joe's training ability has catapulted careers forward. Just look at what his delegates have to say about him:

The knowledge share and expertise of Joe is always a delight!

The knowledge share and expertise of Joe is always a delight! And Business Change Academy could not have done anything more to make my experience better.

Ashvitha Singh Business Analyst, Derivco

Joe truly has a passion for people and what they need to be as a business analyst.

Joe truly has a passion for people and what they need to be as a business analyst inside the organisation.

Corinne Brits Business Analyst, Shoprite

Joe powered through tons of well-crafted content in a way that kept the course fun.

Joe powered through tons of well-crafted content in a way that kept the course fun and engaging.

Paulo Conde Business Analyst

Who Requirements Engineering is designed for:

All business professionals seeking to improve their systems analysis knowledge, skills and abilities.

Analysis People

Including business analysts, process engineers, and systems analysts.

Business People

Including subject matter experts, business managers, and product owners.

Project People

Including project managers, project stakeholders, and change managers.

IT People

Including system architects, software developers, and test analysts.

Grow your career with Business Change Academy's

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why learn with Business Change Academy?

We actively work at the forefront of the worldwide business analysis evolution, helping to craft modern industry standards and practices.

We are committed to creating long-lasting relationships with the delegates and companies we work with, and with supporting their training every step of the way.

Why choose the BCS Business Analysis programme?

Over 100,000 business analysis professionals worldwide are certified with BCS.

Your business analysis journey is as unique as you are, so rather than choose a 'one-size-fits-all' training programme, you can tailor a path that meets you where your career is at.

How is this course delivered?

All our courses are facilitated by recognised industry experts, each of whom have gained profound experience of business analysis.

Their knowledge, enthusiasm and interactive skills will ensure the success of your training.

What materials are provided?

A comprehensive manual, containing detailed information about business analysis techniques, and providing references for further reading, is provided to each delegate who attends this course.

Is this course accredited?

Yes, this course is accredited by the BCS and IIBA®.

Is this course aligned with the IIBA® BABOK®?

Yes, this course is aligned to Version 3.0 of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide).

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you can get two.

Once you've attended the course, you'll receive an IIBA® endorsed certificate from the Business Change Academy.

And when you pass the BCS exam you'll receive a certificate for your international qualification.

Do I need IT skills to attend the course?

No, none of our courses require you to have IT skills.

Do I need to prepare for the course?

We recommend you do some pre-reading as this will help you to get the most out of the course.

We will send you the required material (including a case study) one week before the course start.

Is there an exam?

This course thoroughly prepares participants for the BCS Business Analysis Practice examination, which is an optional exam.

When do I take the exam?

You can sit the exam immediately after finishing the course, 

What format is the exam?

One hour ‘open book’ written exam, based on a business scenario. The pass mark is 50%.

When do I pay for the course?

Full payment is required at least 10 working days before the course start date. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, you can cancel a booking but in order to do so without penalty, we require 10 working days notice. For more information on our cancellation policy, see our terms and conditions.

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