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Business Analysis Manifesto Cover

Business analysis connects all the dots to enable business change Business analysis consults to organisations: Analysing strategy. Determining tactics. Defining change. Realising business benefits. Business analysis is a trusted advisor: From situations, identifying opportunity. From opportunity, forming rationale. From rationale, conceptualising ideas. From ideas, evaluating options. From options, specifying requirements. From requirements, creating solutions. Business

OMBA's Rules for Business Analysis Cover

What is this? Well, at its most basic it’s a list. Yes, I can see that, but why is it incomplete and published? Well, what use is it if it stays in my head?

What is SWOT Analysis Cover

SWOT Analysis is a technique that considers internal and external situations to exploit strengths, remedy weaknesses, seize opportunities and mitigate threats.

What is MOST Analysis Cover

MOST Analysis is a technique for analysing what an organisation aims to achieve (mission & objectives) and how it aims to achieve this (strategy & tactics).

What is Business Activity Modelling Cover

Business Activity Modelling is a technique to show high-level activities and logical dependencies as a conceptual model, based on a stakeholders perspective.


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Kevin Brennan

Business analysis consultant, author, and speaker

Dr. Debra Paul

Business analysis author, trainer, and speaker

Adrian Reed

Speaker, author, and business analysis enthusiast

Angie Doyle

Enterprise agile coach, speaker, and trainer

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Speaker, coach, consultant, and BA Martial Artist

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Business analysis leader, author, and speaker 


Premium courses to help you master the business analysis strategies and skills you need to thrive.

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Learn all the fundamental knowledge and skills to make business analysis work for you and to deliver successful business change.

From 10575

Foundation in Business Analysis
Michelle Van Kesteren Training Course Delegate

Business Analysis Practice

Develop the practical skills to investigate business problems and develop creative, effective, feasible business solutions.

From 10575

Business Analysis Practice
Sandisa Lithuli Training Course Delegate

Modelling Business Processes

Get equipped with the key skills you need to identify, model, evaluate and improve business processes in your organisation.

From 7580

Modelling Business Processes
Trevor McCarthy Training Course Delegate

Requirements Engineering

Get a solid grounding in a range of tools and techniques to elicit, analyse, document and validate IT system requirements.

From 10575

Requirements Engineering