How Arlene Cloete Is Shaping Her Destiny in R28 Billion Retailer

by Business Change Team · Updated on Oct 21, 2020

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“It’s catapulted my career because I’m now tackling business analysis with newly found confidence and bona fide competence!”

– Arlene Cloete

Arlene’s driving motivation was to refine her skills by complementing her past experience with fresh learnings for the next step in her business analyst career.

The Challenge

Complementing and enhancing existing business analysis skillset for a new career challenge

On 08 April 2019, Arlene Cloete started a new job at a R28 billion retailer where she’d be engaging across numerous product channels and having to influence people over multiple organisation levels, including some very senior stakeholders.

The role required Arlene to be able to translate business-wide needs (across 28 brands) into “brilliant and succinct requirements”. And she’d be working closely with an established development team who needed to move quickly but preferred a more paperless approach.

I need to get the maximum out of any and all project-related/ business analysis interactions. While my role was more ‘IT’ Business Analyst before – it now has a strong ‘Business’ component to it.

And while it is easy for Arlene to connect with people and build rapport quite quickly, she knew that her stakeholder engagement, modelling skills, and requirements documentation needed to be sharpened to meet this new challenge.

The Solution

Navigating the end-to-end business analysis ‘value stream’ to deliver a meaningful contribution

When Arlene saw the Business Change Academy’s training programme it ticked all the boxes for her right away.

Covering everything from strategy definition, through business processes and requirements definition, to benefits realisation – with stakeholder engagement firmly at its heart – The Business Analyst Bootcamp™ ‘Process Track’ was exactly what was needed.

Previously I felt lost as I was not sure ‘what applies, when’ or ‘how it fits and hangs together’. Business Change Academy’s training pulled it all together for me – into a semblance of sanity!

With this new appreciation of the business analysis ‘value stream’, Arlene was able to go back to the organisation and orchestrate what the end-to-end contribution looks like for her in her role and context.

And she says it’s having an immediate impact – as she’s able to “extract maximum value” while engaging with stakeholders because she knows “the right techniques to apply whilst thinking on my feet!”

The Result

Acquiring an internationally recognised qualification catapults belief to the next level

Following The Business Analyst Bootcamp™, and armed with business modelling, investment appraisal, use case and ‘triple backlog’ techniques, Arlene was immediately able to add more value and saw swift returns.

It’s catapulted my career because I’m now tackling the role with newly found confidence and bona fide competence!

With “no more quivering in my voice or false courage” Arlene has found that her contribution is taken more seriously on projects and that she’s now in control of her destiny, in terms of the role she plays today and achieving her career aspirations of tomorrow.

The Word

Exceptional training for people who are serious about formalising their business analysis expertise

Arlene’s driving motivation was to refine her business analysis skills by complementing her past experience with fresh learnings for the next step in her business analyst career.

Arlene Cloete Wiseblood BA BCA Testimonial

“My training experience with the Business Change Academy was exceptional. Joe is a seasoned facilitator — BA ‘Oracle’ and legendary in his approach — and I am now ready to get real about my skills!”

The Business Analyst Bootcamp™

Put your career on the fast-track by learning your business analysis stripes with South Africa’s premier training programme for business analyst success

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