Summiting the Business Analysis Event of the Year

Summiting the Business Analysis Event of the Year Cover
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May 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

Summiting Business Analysis BCMG Inter-View

Cobus Joubert is summiting business analysis after winning the 2016 Inter-View Survey prize draw, and shares his thoughts on the Inter-View and BA Summit SA.

Cobus Joubert is a Senior Business Analyst working for UPD (United Pharmaceutical Distributors) where he specialises in process and system improvements.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the Institute of Marketing Management, Cobus’s career as a business analyst has been focused in the logistics and distribution industry. He is a keen member of the IIBA both internationally and locally, with the South African Chapter.

Congratulations on winning Cobus, how does it feel to know you’ll be attending BA Summit Southern Africa 2016?

Great! I am very excited about attending BA Summit, as I really didn’t think I was going to have an opportunity to attend the conference this year. My sincere thanks to Inter-View and the IIBA South Africa Chapter.

To begin with, would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a Senior Business Analyst with one of the largest retail pharmaceutical distribution companies in South Africa, and have been with the company for about 3 years. My primary focus is process improvement projects, and as business analyst I truly enjoy what I’m doing. I love the process of analysis and being part of a solution that benefits our customers, the company and those around me.

Apart from snagging the BA Summit Southern Africa tickets, what benefits do you gain from completing the Inter-View survey?

It is a fantastic opportunity for me to get involved in the community and share my thoughts and insight on the profession.

Inter-View gives me a chance to reflect on where I’m at with my career, in-line with industry practice, and really think about my professional life.

BA Summit opens up a world of opportunity to delegates, what are you especially looking forward to about attending the conference?

To meeting other business analysts and hearing about the variety and complexity of the organisation and initiatives that they are involved with. It is amazing to see how other Business Analysts tackle problems and apply techniques to understand and meet requirements in their role. So, I’m looking forward to finding like minded people and learning knowledge that will challenge my thinking.

The BA Summit programme has not yet been finalised, however which particular topics are you interested in and will be hoping to catch-up on at the conference?

Having worked with companies that are stuck with expensive legacy systems and having been a part of projects where organisations have had to make the leap to new processes and technologies,

I have often wondered how we can future-proof the business and meet the requirements of today. How do we make sure that the answer of today is not the problem of tomorrow?

I would be keen to attend any presentations around methodologies, technologies and BA techniques that talk to answering this question.

It was great to read your “I will be a CBAP” prediction for the next 12 months. Why do you feel training, development and certification is important for business analysts?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount knowledge and techniques that we are exposed to, so much so that we often only manage to get skilled in some of the techniques and knowledge areas available. Plus, it can be human-nature to settle into a bit of a rhythm or comfort zone. Yet,

… though continuous study and revisiting what I’ve learnt previously, I can master the concepts or techniques that I didn’t use or fully understand …

and, with the benefit of experience, practise what I now know in a new way to remain fresh.

Inter-View is all about celebrating the business analysis community and what it has to offer. What excites you about business analysis and the rising prominence of the profession?

It seems that the role of a Business Analyst is finally being understood and respected by ‘the business’ for the value that it brings to an organisation, and it excites me how this realisation better positions the Business Analyst to be the agent for change.

Cobus Joubert was drawn at random from respondents of the 2016 Inter-View survey, taking his chance to win the place that was up for grabs at Business Analysis Summit Southern Africa 2016.