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Bevin Jafta Training Course Delegate

Bevin Jaftha Foundation in Business Analysis BCMG Difference

Bevin Jaftha, Business Analyst at Old Mutual, shares her training experience having recently completed the Foundation in Business Analysis course.

On the training Bevin learnt a new streamlined approach for engaging her stakeholders and solving business problems, and has gained a broad range of relevant knowledge, skills and abilities that are opening her business analyst eyes.

Here’s what Bevin had to say about her training experience:

Tell us a bit about yourself, Bevin.

My name is Bevin Jaftha, I’m married and live in Glenhaven. I worked in a Servicing Department before transitioning into the business analyst role – which I’ve been in now for 9 years.

While working in Servicing, I was approached by IT to assist with business processes on a project. Through that, I was exposed to business analysis at work and I was hooked. It was mesmerising to see how much work went into the backend, when the front end was so simple to use.

Every day is different and every project brings new learnings.

Why did you decide to take the foundation in business analysis course?

For self-advancement and to up-skill myself and become more marketable – and I enjoy the fact that the courses are short but jam-packed with information.

How will the course help you in your career?

The skills that I learned have streamlined my approach to solving any business problem.

I am more confident that I can apply useful methods in areas such as requirements elicitation, and utilising tools and techniques that I wouldn’t have used before.

I’ll also now take a more open-mind into workshops and my engagement with stakeholders

What was your biggest learning – did you have an AHA! moment?

This course was an eye-opener to the broad range of techniques and tools available to business analysts.

I was equipped with the practical skills and knowledge to better understand how to influence within my organisation, how to look for opportunities and how to drive it.

What would you tell somebody who is considering doing the course?

That it’s an eye-opener — my expectations were definitely exceeded and I will be recommending this course to all the business analyst’s I know.

What did you enjoy most about the BCMG training experience?

I loved the interactive presentations and the quizzes before and after each module. Plus, the course material was extremely user friendly and easy to follow.

In the spirit of ‘keep growing’, what are you keen to learn next?

Definitely, either Requirement Engineering or Modelling Business Processes.

One step closer to the BCMG Certificate programme in Business Analysis!”

Bevin took the steps to learn business analysis fundamentals that are opening her business analyst eyes. Are you ready to gear up? Find out more about the Foundation in Business Analysis course here.

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