Steps To Business Analysis Competency Success

Slide cover for Steps to Business Analysis Competency Success presentation
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March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Steps To Business Analysis Competency Success BCMG Talk

Proposing six interwoven dimensions that build operational capability, Joe Newbert and Mohamed Bray present Steps To Business Analysis Competency Success.

Business Analysis can be likened to where Project Management was 20 years ago; in that we are in the infancy of formalising our profession, whilst continuing to battle certain stereotypes and particular stigma. Accordingly, as Business Analysts it is time to reflect and analyse ourselves by asking a few hard questions: what are we doing, how are we doing and what should we be doing.

Too often the answers may default to the traditional ‘silver bullet’: new shiny silver processes and a few bullets fired. Yet to successfully fulfil our potential we must look more holistically, with our roots firmly entrenched in providing quantitative and qualitative business value.

We propose that there six tightly interwoven dimensions that build our operational capability towards accomplished delivery, with the added irony that we should shape our destiny in the same manner we shape others; as we have all the skills and tools we need in our pockets.

Steps to Business Analysis Competency Success, as presented at the IIBA South Africa Cape Town Branch Chapter event on 28th February 2013.