July 19

Requirements Elicitation Techniques For Data Gathering


Slides from the presentation ‘Requirements Elicitation Techniques For Data Gathering’, as presented by Joe Newbert at DAMA User Group Meeting 18 July 2019.

Event details

What, when and where it happened:

  • DAMA SA User Group Meeting
  • 18 July 2019
  • Cape Town, South Africa

About the speaker

Joe Newbert is a trainer, writer, speaker and business consultant, with a focus on successful business change through performance improvement. He is the Managing Director at Business Change Academy and founder of Inter-View.Report

For more than 20 years, Joe has been working and managing teams on over 100 projects, across five continents, helping organisations and individuals to leverage the benefits of business analysis, solution development and change management for enduring results. Newbert’s other projects include the creation of the hands-on business consulting toolset Sketchnalysis, and Pragnalysis, a resource hub that provides practical guidance for business analysts, project leaders and change managers.

When not enabling business change, you can usually find Joe out in the wilderness, running a trail somewhere.


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