Recognise Your up and Coming Business Analyst

Recognise Your up and Coming Business Analyst Cover
Inga Davids

April 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Motivate the most out of your up and coming business analyst, with targeted, timely and tailored recognition to shape their skills, knowledge and techniques.

Knowing that the journey is not ‘fail-proof’, millennial business analysts are stepping to meet the challenging ups and downs, bumps and jumps along their career path. We are persistently on the look-out for signals that confirm our steady progress towards our goals and recognition is one of the guiding lights we’re feverishly searching for.

Recognition programmes are well established in many organisations, set-up to attract and retain business analyst talent. But, established and set-up with traditions that often don’t speak to the traits and tendencies of millennial culture, nor the upcoming Generation-Z.

For millennials, the newness of domains, processes, approaches, methods, techniques, tools and more can leave us feeling a mixture of excitement, determination and, yes, a healthy dose of anxiety. We are an ambitious generation, eager to display the required knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Voicing recognition is a low-cost / high-impact action that signals what is expected, …

guides what success looks like, giving us confidence and getting the most out of us.

If you’re unsure on what, when and how your up and coming business analyst wants to receive recognition, here are a few things to know:

Targeted objectives

Required expectations must be clearly identified and articulated. It is easier to hit a bulls-eye when the target is visible, and the same goes for our development goals.

Empowering managers establish the expected outcomes, making them easily recognisable. Should we be focusing on high-quality artefacts? Successfully improving inefficient processes? Contributing value to the knowledge-share?

With vague direction, millennial business analysts may feel that their efforts are off-track or going unnoticed. It is key to communicate clear targets on behaviours that are worthy of recognition

Timely moments

Feedback should be provided sooner rather than later. Acknowledging our efforts in a timely manner encourages us to cement the desired behaviours.

Nurturing managers provide regular indications of progress, acting as a compass to help us navigate. Are we successfully tackling a project? Maximising a business analysis technique? Succinctly specifying complex requirements?

Many organisations are set-up for fairly time-bound and infrequent acts of recognition. Regular appreciation goes a long way to boosting, inspiring and motivating our continued development.

Tailored appreciation

Our need to be treated as individuals bubbles over to how we prefer to be recognised. We respond to being genuinely recognised for our efforts in a personal way.

Inspiring managers understand how individuals like to be recognised, customising accordingly. Do they like to receive public acknowledgement? Appreciate the thought of a private email? Prefer to meet for a face-to-face chat?

A one-size-fits-all approach does little to fuel repeated behaviour. A considered touch of recognition is more appreciated, making us feel personally valued for our efforts and progress.

Many organisations are struggling to understand and respond to the millennial mindset, and our need for ‘instant affirmation’. But, simply put, fuel our ambition by consistently providing small indications of worthwhile feedback lays the beacons to help shape the required skills, knowledge and techniques.

Targeted, timely and tailored recognition is the key to keeping your up and coming business analyst motivated.