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Raise Your Business Analyst Profile With A Guest Post

Expand your horizons and raise your business analyst profile with a guest post that shares your business analysis story, insight, knowledge and expertise.

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Raise Your Business Analyst Profile With A Guest Post News

Business Change Academy, South Africa’s sought after business analysis training provider, continues to innovate within the local business analyst community by opening an exciting opportunity for individuals to expand their horizons and raise their profile with a guest post that shares their business analysis story, insight, knowledge and expertise.

The South African business analysis community continues to receive global recognition, with international conference speakers routinely commending our level of professional maturity, yet when it comes to digital publication and online discussion South Africans appear much less vocal than their global peers.

Having steadily built South Africa’s premiere business analysis platform, Business Change Academy are opening up their popular blog and inviting business analysts to submit guest posts for publication with their large, engaged business analysis audience. 

Whilst blogging is not new, the concept of growing the South African business analyst voice within a learned, nurturing environment on a local portal is a first. The blogging programme will enable business analysts of all levels to stand on a digital stage and share their thoughts to promote growth, understanding and dialogue within the business analysis community.

Participants will be given the platform to:

  • Express themselves and share their passion with others
  • Gain valuable exposure to an engaged business analysis audience
  • Grow their authority as a business analyst professional

This is a terrific opportunity for business analysts who are keen to expand their horizons and raise their profiles, with a dedicated team on-hand to provide support and guidance to business analysts who participate in this development opportunity.

Inga Davids, a regular guest contributor to the blog, says

Blogging has given me the platform to share my passion and become a better thinker, by practicing the art of shaping and articulating my thoughts more clearly – an invaluable skill for a business analyst.

Whilst honing one’s writing skills is perhaps the most obvious benefit, the extensive list of pros to consider blogging includes:

  • Developing personally and professionally
  • Giving back to the business analyst community
  • Advancing the business analysis profession
  • Extending your professional network and connection

“People gravitate to people who have an opinion, as ideas and points of view spark thinking that leads to discussion, and we are keen to spark more South African business analysis conversation,” says Joe Newbert.

For more information about article submissions or to submit a guest post, please visit

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