Breaking Ground for the Australian BA Community

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Breaking Ground for the Australian BA Community News

Off the back of its huge success in South Africa, the Inter-View Report is breaking ground for the Australian BA community by bringing its blended industry perspective of business analysis, project delivery and change management as it happens on the ground to the Business Analysis Professional Days happening in Australia during October 2018.

In partnership with Business Analysts PTY Ltd (BAPL), Inter-View debuted at the Business Analysis Professional Day series of conferences that happened in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Hosted by the IIBA Australia Chapter, each conference is a one day only event where the organisers fit in as many insights, development opportunities, and networking time as possible — in total synergy with the philosophy of Inter-View.

“IIBA Australia are delighted to support the Inter-View Report, and look forward to this productive partnership enriching the business analysis profession in Australia,” says Tracy Watson, Events Director of IIBA Australia.

The magazine’s recipe of topical articles and survey statistics make it readily transferable, and the content will equip Australian business and IT consulting professionals with insights to stay abreast of the ever changing environment of business analysis and navigate its’ many challenges.

“Convincing people that good business analysis is worthwhile takes hard work — it is not intuitive to most people that business analysis done with skill, method and competency, saves money, time and reduces risks.

Inter-View provides people with access to the right information, from across the world, and influence others to take advantage of good business analysis! We’re thrilled to be supporting this initiative,” says Tim Coventry, CEO of Business Analysts (PTY Ltd).

Inter-View is exploring strategic alliances with international partners to bring audience relevance from the global report to local audiences in new regions, and landing in Australia is another firm step forwards to achieving this goal.

It’s wonderful to be taking this step — the greater the Inter-View survey footprint, the greater the value we can playback to the ‘glocal’ business analysis and change community through the report.” says Joe Newbert, Founder of Inter-View.

Inter-View conducts the only 360° research study, that gathers data from all interested stakeholders about the state of business analysis and its impact on projects. The results enable individuals and organisations to access information across demographics, practices, projects and people to leverage the true value of business analysis for practical improvement.

If you missed out at the BA Professional Day, get your complimentary copy of Inter-View Report 2017 Australia and support the organisations that are supporting the business analysis profession.

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