My BA Summit SA Story Of Business Analysis Rising

My BA Summit SA Story Of Business Analysis Rising Cover
Joe Newbert

October 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Business Analysis Rising BCMG Inter-View

Cobus Joubert shared his story of business analysis rising with Joe Newbert, reflecting on the value and experience gained at BA Summit South Africa 2016.

Cobus Joubert is a Senior Business Analyst working for UPD (United Pharmaceutical Distributors) where he specialises in process and system improvements.

During his career Cobus has worked within a number of industries, in different positions and only when he had the opportunity to work as a business analyst did he find his passion. In his role as a Senior Business Analyst he enjoys the challenges of working on diverse projects, priding himself on his natural innovative problem solving and big picture thinking. Cobus’s goal as a business analyst is to provide value and innovation to his organisation.

Back to the Business Analyst grind after what was remarked as a great business analysis conference. What emergent patterns, ideas, trends, themes stood out for you?

What stood out for me was business analysts should be partners of change, instead of servants of change.

Business analysts must strive to being co-creators of strategy and disruptors of the status quo.

As business analysts we should re-brand ourselves to fulfil those roles.

Having heard many perspectives from the conference speakers. What was your greatest personal insight taken from business analysis summit?

The variety of speakers was incredible – they all had such wonderful perspectives of the world of business analysis. The greatest insight for me was how passionate they are about the business analysis profession and that through dedication they have developed such valuable insights for us all to share in.

Business analysis summit spoiled in terms of networking opportunities. Did you make any connections that will add significant value to your job and career?

Yes definitely, there were many people and conversations that made the experience all the more worthwhile. Over the coming months I look forward to developing these new relationships further, and am excited for the opportunities they may bring.

This was your first time experiencing the business analysis conference. What would you say to people who may be considering attending in future?

Simply put, you must attend the conference. There is no better platform through which to connect with such a variety of business analysts.

The variety of speakers and topics discussed was overwhelming, it was difficult to decide which session to attend! The

BA Summit also presented me with a great opportunity to meet and have conversations with authors of interesting articles that I’ve read previously.

The conference showcased how many people are contributing to the profession. How has the event inspired you to get more involved in the profession?

The speakers are inspiring, in terms of how they have immersed themselves in the profession of business analysis, not only as industry practitioners but also as industry contributors. They are a great example, and I would like to model my personal development along these same principals.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I really enjoyed the conversations that I had with the other business analysts, particularly sharing war stories and hearing how others face and tackle some of the same challenges that I do. The business analysis summit was a great platform for discussion, thinking and learning.

My BA Summit Story Of Business Analysis Rising with Cobus Joubert

Cobus Joubert enjoys a pre-conference workshop at Business Analysis Summit 2016, after winning the 2016 Inter-View Survey prize draw. Share your BA Summit SA story of business analysis rising with @Newbert over on Twitter.