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August 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Modernising Business Analysis Training In South Africa News

Now in its tenth year of developing the careers of business analysts, Business Change Academy is modernising business analysis training in South Africa with its ground-breaking IIBA endorsed training called the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis which raises the bar on career-oriented business analysis course offerings.

This first-of-its-kind programme in South Africa provides a flexible solution by empowering individuals to tailor a curriculum that suits their unique role and undertake the learning at the right stage in their career. Business Change Academy is proud to be at the forefront of industry thinking and research, and has discovered that traditional training offerings do not support the way organisations execute business analysis.

“Recent trends have created many types of specialist roles in the business analysis profession and rather than the one-size-fits-all approach, organisations are needing customised training that supports the complexities in businesses today. No two business analyst jobs are the same and you need a flexible training curriculum that best fits your unique roles and responsibilities, ” says @newbert. 

Business Change Academy’s International Diploma in Business Analysis allows individuals the opportunity to customise the training programme, by being able to choose their preferred specialist modules. “The modules delegates select will depend on their situation and preference, for instance, business versus technical, what their organisation requires, the nature of their current role and their future aspirations, ” explains Newbert.

“Generally, business analysts’ careers are not ideally managed, with business analysis training typically being this once-off event at the outset of their career. It is often the case, therefore, that business analysts learn about advanced aspects of business analysis at a time when they are not designated to projects that call for those skills. Consequently, knowledge gained early on in one’s career goes unpracticed, a problem compounded in that business analysis practices also evolve, ” says Newbert.

The International Diploma in Business Analysis will make a huge difference to the application of business analysis in South Africa. “We are very excited to bring this quality programme to market in which you choose your topics, choose your sequence and choose your pace, thereby ensuring maximum return on investment,” says Newbert.

Keen to set yourself apart in the world of business analysis? Modernise your business analyst career through our International Diploma in Business Analysis.

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