Modern Training Programme Primed For BA Summit

Modern Training Programme Primed For BA Summit Cover
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July 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Modern Training Programme Primed For BA Summit News

As part of the eagerly anticipated ‘Business Analysis Event of the Year’, which is taking place at the Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West in Cape Town from 4-6 September 2017, rising star Business Change Academy will be on-hand at the IIBA conference to showcase the latest, modern training programme primed for BA Summit delegates.

The annual event promises conference delegates the opportunity to learn, share and debate the topical issues that are facing the fast-evolving business analysis profession.

The conference enjoys strong endorsement from Business Change Academy, both from a historic perspective through the Inter-View Report and through their close philosophical alignment with this year’s theme “Business Analysis 4.0 (the Fourth Industrial Revolution)”.

The conference theme is elaborated on by BA Summit:

The skills of the business analyst will remain relevant and in high demand, as business analysis skills will anchor and enable this new revolution.

Long gone are the days that the stereotypical business analyst scribes, translates and couriers business requirements, also known as ‘Bridging the gap between business and IT’. It’s a debunked role. One that’s still epitomised by the limiting one-size fits all approach of traditional business analysis training.

Business Change Academy understand the competencies that business analysts truly need to possess.

“Because no two business analyst jobs are the same — given the diversity of specialist roles, uniqueness of organisational requirements and variety of career paths available — what’s needed today is a configurable training programme that meets the flexible knowledge, skills and abilities needed for contemporary business analysis,” says Joe Newbert, Managing Director.

Business Change Academy’s forward-thinking business analysis courses have been shaping the modern business analyst since 2007.

With this foresight we established our International Diploma in Business Analysis, the structure of which enables delegates to chose the modules, the sequence and the timing of the courses to match their career path.

Come and talk with the team, who will be showcasing their modern training programme primed for BA Summit delegates at the conference, to:

Through their proactive industry involvement and disruptive community innovations,Business Change Academy is well-known as South Africa’s foremost think-tank on contemporary business analysis, project delivery and change management competency.

Through our training offerings and advisory services we will continue to help grow the next generation of business analyst’s for South Africa,” says Newbert.

If you are unable to attend BA Summit 2017, or cannot wait until the 4th of September to learn more about how you can take your business analysis mastery to the next level, then start here.

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Business Change Academy is a training company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2008, Business Change Academy provides accredited qualifications + short courses for project professionals seeking internationally recognised best-practice competencies in business analysis, solution development and change management.

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