January 24

Meet Yaseen Patel | Foundation in Business Analysis Delegate


Yaseen Patel Foundation in Business Analysis Delegate

Yaseen Patel is a Business Analyst at Saratoga and a recent delegate on our Foundation in Business Analysis short course.

Yaseen believes that being certification rich always feels great, but that his eagerness to implement the learnings he made on the business analysis foundation course – and that there were plenty of those – on to his current projects is the real benefit.

Here’s what Yaseen had to say about his training experience:

Tell us a bit about yourself, Yaseen.

I’m a Business Analyst at Saratoga, with 3 years experience under my belt.

And I also volunteer for the IIBA-SA as Social Media manager for the organisation.

Why did you decide to take the foundation in business analysis course?

My intentions were to sharpen my analysis skills by learning new techniques and methods, and I choose the foundation course as I wanted to ensure a solid base and sound analytical mindset in order to produce higher quality outputs.

Plus I wanted to place particular focus on strategy analysis, and the making of business and financial cases.

How will the course learnings help you in your career?

The learnings will help me to take a more structured approach to my business analysis activities.  And now not only do I realise the full value added through business analysis activities, but I can communicate it too.

What was your biggest learning – did you have an AHA! Moment?

There were plenty of those.

Aligning the material to real-world examples indicated where and how the techniques can be used in practice, and then debating the topics as a group increased the quality of my learnings.

What did you enjoy most about your training experience?

Being relaxed and going through the material to discuss and clarify understanding when needed made me very comfortable with the time-frame of the course, which at first was a bit scary.

What would you tell someone who is considering doing this course?

Certification rich always feels great, but taking away the eagerness to implement the many learnings on to your current projects is the real benefit.

In the spirit of ‘keep growing’, what would you like to learn next?

I’m going to complete the full International Diploma in Business Analysis 🙂

Yaseen took the steps to get a solid analytical mindset and is producing higher quality outputs. Are you ready to gear up? Download the Foundation in Business Analysis course brochure now.


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