Local Business Analysts Embark On International Diploma

Local Business Analysts Embark On International Diploma Cover
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November 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

Local Business Analysts Embark On International Diploma News

A new breed of business analyst is entering South African organisations, as local business analysts embark on their international diploma journey. And through the International Diploma in Business Analysis, presented by Business Change Academy, these high-calibre business analysts are making a marked difference inside the organisations they serve.

With over 100,000 professionals worldwide certified with BCS, the International Diploma in Business Analysis is popularly regarded as the de facto industry qualification that truly demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an effective business analyst, and during October 2018 10 new delegates began this learning journey with Business Change Academy.

Making a remarkable difference

Carefully crafted to develop modern competencies in the key areas that are relevant to both individuals and the organisations they work in, this renowned training programme cuts through the theory and makes a real difference to the confidence in which delegates’ apply business analysis.

“The acronyms are not just ‘buzzwords’ anymore! The focused and practical content helped me to see the value and application of techniques for the strategic analysis of business,” remarked Lana Woollgar.

The courses are being rated favourably by all-levels of business analyst, from junior through to senior, due to the rich, contextualised training experience offered by Business Change Academy. In fact the value gained is regularly evident in their delegates many success stories, with people routinely commending the combination of rich content, skilled facilitation and practical insights they leave with.

“The course facilitator was exceptional and I had lots of AHA! moments, especially the many strategic techniques which I will be using straight away when I get back to the office,” said Petrus Morobi

According to Trevor McCarthy, a business analyst with 10 years of experience, we tend to stick with what we know and what has worked in the past, but the course challenged him to think differently about engaging stakeholders during the requirements phase. This was echoed by Thabisile Zikalala, who, as someone new to the role, said seeing how the whole process fits together was her biggest learning, and that she now understands how to carry out her job in a way that adds much more value.

Championing for a change in results

Leading the charge in bringing this world-class diploma programme to South Africa is business analyst enthusiast, educator and Business Change Academy’s Director, Joe Newbert.

“Industry has been crying out for this kind of impact for some time, and it’s wonderful to see these high-calibre business analysts making a marked difference inside the organisation they serve,” says Joe.

With 100% of these October delegates successfully passing their course exams, those who took the fast-track and completed four qualifying courses are eagerly anticipating taking the final step in achieving their BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis when they sit their final oral examination in the new year.

You can learn more about the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis here, or contact the team@businesschange.academy for further details.

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