Launching the BCS International Diploma In Business Analysis

Launching the BCS International Diploma In Business Analysis Cover
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July 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Launching the BCS International Diploma In Business Analysis News

Business Change Academy are excited to be launching the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis in South Africa. This globally accredited and prestigious award is more than a seal of approval, it’s the industry-recognised certification that truly demonstrates the knowledge, skills and abilities of an effective Business Analyst.

Business Change Academy’s goal in bringing this business analysis course programme to South Africa is to produce knowledgeable, skilled and capable business analysts of the standard that are needed to meet the demands of modern business.

“Merely conforming to the legislative landscape of the South African education and training environment, and creating courses and content to meet those standards, does not produce the calibre of business analysis professional required by organisations today,” says Joe Newbert, MD of Business Change Academy.

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis provides a professional qualification for business analysts. It sets the standard by which business analysts can be assessed, and is aimed at business and IT professionals who wish to demonstrate that they have a detailed understanding of business analysis best practice and competency in range of skills and techniques.

According to Newbert, the vision to launch this internationally recognised business analysis programme to the South African market is not only a a first-of-its-kind, but it turns traditional business analysis training on its head.

“The curriculum is designed to offer flexibility to develop skills in the key areas that are relevant to both the individual and the organisation — the structure of which enables delegates to choose the modules, the sequence and the timing of the courses to match their career path.”

How do I get the diploma?

To achieve the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis certification, candidates must pass four one-hour written examinations on a number of business analysis topics, each of which leads to a certificate which has value in its own right.

To convert their set of certificates into the full Diploma, candidates then attend an interview with two BCS examiners to confirm their technical, business and interpersonal competencies.

What modules do I need?

The certificates can be gained in any order, comprising of two core modules, one knowledge module and one practitioner module:

Core modules – you must pass both of these:

Knowledge based modules – you must pass one of these:

Practitioner modules – you must pass one of these:

The modules delegates choose, for example, business versus technical, will depend on background, situation and preference, what their organisation requires, the nature of their current role and their future career aspirations.

You can learn more about the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis here, or contact for further details.

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Business Change Academy is a training company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2008, Business Change Academy provides accredited qualifications + short courses for project professionals seeking internationally recognised best-practice competencies in business analysis, solution development and change management.

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