Launching Business Analysis Courses In Johannesburg

Launching Business Analysis Courses In Johannesburg Cover
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November 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Launching Business Analysis Courses In Johannesburg News

Answering your call for our modern business analyst training, Business Change Management Group (BCMG) are thrilled to launch their IIBA® endorsed business analysis courses in Johannesburg.

BCMG, leaders of contemporary business analysis training in South Africa, are launching their IIBA® endorsed core, knowledge-based and practitioner business analysis courses in Johannesburg, to grow modern business analysts and meet the increasing demand for these highly-skilled professionals.

“We first launched our business analysis courses in Cape Town in 2007 and to select international clients last year with great success,” says Joe Newbert, MD of BCMG, ” and now,

Following numerous calls, we are thrilled to shortly be opening bookings for our business analysis courses in Johannesburg, commencing February 2017,”

The high-adoption rate can be attributed to BCMGs refreshing approach to business analyst careers, embodied in their ground-breaking Certificate Programme in Business Analysis. Business analysts have the opportunity to tailor their business analysis training programme by selecting business analysis courses that enhance the specific knowledge, skills and behaviours relevant to their organisation’s needs and career path.

Business analysts are able to personalise their training path – by choosing their topics, choosing their sequence and choosing their pace – thereby ensuring maximum value from their investment,”  says Newbert.

BCMGs business analysis authority, insight and mastery is modernising business analysis training in South Africa. Do you need to build real-world business analyst expertise? From business strategy, through business requirements, to business benefits, BCMGs business analysis courses have got you covered:

Benefits Management and Business Acceptance

Looking to up your business analyst ante? Gear up on expertise to facilitate benefits delivery and business acceptance with our benefits management course. … [Find out more…]

Business Analysis Fundamentals

Ready to lift your business analyst career? Gear up on a broad range of knowledge, skills and techniques with our business analysis fundamentals course. … [Find out more…]

Commercial Awareness

Need to boost your business analyst impact? Gear up on the financial, commercial & organisational domain with our commercial awareness course. … [Find out more…]

Business Process Modelling

Time to lift your business analyst value? Gear up on skills and techniques to deliver business improvements with our business process modelling course. … [Find out more…]

Requirements Engineering

Keen to grow your business analyst skills? Gear up on techniques to elicit, analyse, document, validate and manage with our requirements engineering course. … [Find out more…]

Strategic Business Analysis

Want to raise your business analyst savvy? Gear up on essential skills to analyse and improve business situations with our strategic business analysis course. … [Find out more…]

Are you gearing up to give 2017 your all? Grab hold of your career and schedule your future growth today.