Inter-View Report To Step Aside During 2018

Inter-View Report To Step Aside During 2018 Cover
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March 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

Inter-View Report To Step Aside During 2018 News

It’s never an easy decision to postpone an annual industry publication, especially when it is such an anticipated feature on the business analysis calendar, but if you have been waiting for the survey opening and community insights from the much anticipated Inter-View Report in 2018 sadly you’ll have to curb your enthusiasm until 2019.

In a year that has seen incredible growth for Business Change Academy, the company that both publishes the report and provides training in business analysis, had to make a tough choice with regard to where to deploy their resources to make the biggest difference in the long term. 

Inter-View Report Founder, Joe Newbert, stated:

“Having established itself as an industry go-to magazine, and knowing the meaningful benefits Inter-View provides subscribers, the decision for the Inter-View Report to step aside during 2018 was not one we took lightly. It was a tough call.”

BCMG Academy carefully considered how to best focus to meet the growing demand for their business analysis short courses, especially with their new flagship International Diploma in Business Analysis launching in May 2018.

“We are delighted to see the steady rate at which our courses are being adopted by organisations, as the preferred means to enhance their internal skills and make a valuable impact. And with our growing reputation, the trend is that the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis is set to become the de facto business analysis qualification in South Africa.”

The Inter-View Report will be back again next year, and as we move closer to the end of the year the team will begin the hard work to bring readers another round of meaningful insights that focus on the business analysis trends and issues which are shaping the state of project delivery world-wide.

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