Inter-View Report 2014 Paints A Business Analysis Portrait

Inter-View Report 2014 Paints A Business Analysis Portrait Cover
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October 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Inter-View Report 2014 Paints A Business Analysis Portrait News

Based on extensive research of the business analysis profession within context of South Africa, closely analysed to draw out meaningful patterns and packed with enlightening statistics, the inaugural Inter-View Report 2014 paints a business analysis portrait of the state of the profession in South Africa, free for all to access and leverage.

Business Change Academy conducted research, analysed the data and added infographics, all so that you can gain insight at the click of a button. Visit Inter-View Report and sign up to receive our findings as they are released.

Inter-View grew from a desire to better understand the broadening role of the business analyst, how they view themselves as well as their career aspirations. Saratoga takes a firm interest in the career path of our business analyst’s, investing heavily in personal coaching and community building. “Business analysts are strategic change agents; delivering business value is their core role,” explains founder, Joe Newbert.

The portrait offers employers greater insight into the psychology of their business analysts and can be used to assess the maturity of a competency. Business analysts themselves can form a greater understanding of the industry they’re in, see where they fit and identify opportunities.

As @Newbert suggests, “understanding the potential of business analysis and providing the right support to the discipline is critical”.

What does a typical South African business analyst look like? Inter-View has identified some fascinating trends – in age, gender, education, salary as well as deeper insights into their interests and outlook.

Visit Inter-View Report to subscribe for updates or follow Inter-View on Twitter via @BusinessChange. Inter-View is launching this October.

Are you looking for authority that elevates your true business analysis value? Go and get your copy of the Inter-View Report 2014.

‘2014 Inter-View Paints A Business Analysis Portrait’ originally appeared in IT Web on October 6, 2014.

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