IIBA-SA Appoint Joe Newbert As Non-Executive Director

IIBA-SA Appoint Joe Newbert as Non-Executive Director Cover
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March 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

IIBA-SA Appoint Joe Newbert As Non-Executive Director News

To provide a collective voice for South African Business Analysts, to help grow and drive the local community of South African business analysts, the IIBA-SA appoint Joe Newbert as non-executive director to their chapter advisory board.

The South African Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis’ (IIBA-SA) 2016 choice of newly appointed non-executive directors represents the interests of the local community of South African business analysts and Business Change Academy’s MD, Joe Newbert, is thrilled to be involved at strategic level.

Newbert who helms the international business analysis training and consulting company says “Business Change Academy will be throwing its full weight behind innovation and strategic thinking for the benefit of the business analysis community.”

Newbert is also the brainchild of the popular Inter-View report and will be using findings from the forthcoming 2016 report to benefit individuals and organisations who have a vested interest in the growing community. The annual publication aims to reveal the current state of the business analysis profession in a South African context and provides real insight on business leadership and project success, establishing a ‘business analysis portrait’ where the community at large collaborate.

The core function of the IIBA-SA Board is to set the objectives for the Chapter for the year and to ensure that those goals are met in 2016, says Ryan Folster, President of the IIBA-SA. The research compiled by Inter-View can be leveraged to inform the future strategy of the profession through the IIBA-SA as a vehicle.

“Based on the findings of the survey, @BusinessChange is well equipped to make recommendations that will make improvements to the profession, thus making it an effective relationship between Business Change Academy and the South African Chapter of the IIBA.” says @Newbert.

“The goal that we have set for this year’s Inter-View report is to reach 500 respondents. We call upon all South African business analysts of all career stages and specialisations to participate in the 2016 Inter-view report. The survey will be open for respondent reviews on 14th April 2016 and is open to all business analysts and stakeholders who, as a collective, want to be involved in shaping and guiding the BA profession,” says Newbert.

In the meantime, for more information on the initiative and to sign-up for notifications go and visit: Inter-View Report.

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The full IIBA-SA Press release can be found here.

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