Hitchhikers Guide to Strategic Business Analysis

Cover slide for Hitchhiker's Guide to Business Analysis presentation
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October 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

Slides from the conference presentation ‘Hitchhikers Guide to Strategic Business Analysis’, as presented by Joe Newbert at IIBA-SA BA Summit 2018.

Presentation abstract

Is your organisation’s business model aligned to the marketplace? Are people at the heart of your business change? Do processes stem from key value propositions? Does information technology support the required business architecture?

Consciously and deliberately guiding the business strategy towards project tactics is an imperative for organisations looking to thrive in this modern age, today — an age with unprecedented challenges ranging from demanding customer expectations through to intense market competition.

This talk will power-through a best practice approach for business analysts on their journey of facilitating strategic business analysis with the end-in-mind of realising business benefits, while introducing definitive go-to tools and techniques that focus on engaging with stakeholders to elicit their real needs.

Key takeaways

What you’ll learn:

  • 1 holistic model for considering business systems and avoiding the pitfalls of silo-thinking
  • 3 straightforward approach detailing the key steps for delivering a strategic business analysis project
  • 6 stakeholder-centric method for analysing different perspectives and managing  group consensus
  • 42 proven business analysis tools and techniques to string together towards a persuasive business case

Whether you’re a business manager, business analyst or project manager, a junior, intermediate or senior, this talk will extend your knowledge, skills and abilities to lead business change, build better solutions and unlock business value.

Event details

What, when and where it happened:

  • IIBA-SA BA Summit Southern Africa
  • 1st – 3rd October 2018
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

About the speaker

Joe Newbert is a trainer, writer, speaker and business consultant, with a focus on successful business change through performance improvement. He is the Principal Lecturer at Business Change Academy and founder of Inter-View.Report

For more than 20 years, Joe has been working and managing teams on over 100 projects, across five continents, helping organisations and individuals to leverage the benefits of business analysis, solution development and change management for enduring results. Newbert’s other projects include the creation of the hands-on business consulting toolset Sketchnalysis, and Pragnalysis, a resource hub that provides practical guidance for business analysts, project leaders and change managers.

When not enabling business change, you can usually find Joe out in the wilderness, running a trail somewhere.