Helping Agile Projects Succeed Through Business Analysis

Helping Agile Projects Succeed Through Business Analysis Cover
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June 17, 2019 in Uncategorized

Business Change Academy’s new Agile Business Analysis course is bringing much-needed context in helping Agile projects succeed through business analysis.

The Agile way of working is becoming ever more popular in today’s business, due to an iterative and incremental framework that allows for adaptive business requirements and adoptive product change. It’s a smart way to work, and so it makes sense for you, the business analyst, to get to grips with how you can contribute to the success of Agile development projects.

And this training course will help you do exactly that.

Based on a real-life case study, you’ll leverage your existing business analysis knowledge and techniques to practise applying the Agile approach within a business analysis scenario. You’ll come away with a real understanding of how business analysis is applied within the context of the Agile philosophy.

Plus you’ll not only explore the philosophy behind Agile, but how to apply the methods and techniques used within the business and the principles that guide this Agile way of working within the business analysis approach

Presented to you by Joe Newbert, who brings his substantial experience of training in business analysis and change, this intensive 3-day BCS Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis training course will develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities to support business change programmes within your organisation successfully.

According to Joe,

“Today, it is essential to possess a blend of both traditional and agile and business analysis skills. with the lack of business analysis thinking on Agile projects often leading to unforeseen and negative consequences during the implementation of software products and solutions. Effective business analysis can help ensure the success of Agile projects.”

Over the last ten years, or so, the ‘Agile Business Analyst’ has become a much-used but often misunderstood role. An Agile Business Analyst is someone who applies the professional discipline of business analysis, but who also applies the principles and values of agile to their business analysis work. And it’s with this solid foundation and context of business analysis, together, that greater success with your Agile projects can be achieved.

The Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis is relevant for anyone wishing to understand the Agile approach from a business perspective, and how they can support effective business analysis. This includes business analysts, product owners, scrum masters, project managers, business managers, and their team members.

You can learn more about the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile Business Analysis here, or contact the for further details.

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