BA Service Catalogue

BA Service Catalogue

One way of thinking about business analysis is to consider it a catalogue of services that can be offered to an organisation. These services are summarised in figure 4.1 and described in more detail below.

Strategy Analysis and Execution

Situation Investigation and Problem Analysis

This service is concerned with uncovering issues and defining problems and opportunities, and with shaping a change project.

BAs need to investigate the underlying causes of problems and make sure that they are fully understood. Without doing this, organisations are likely to adopt courses of action that are ineffective or irrelevant.

The BA may propose changes to the organisation, processes, people, information and technology, as described earlier under figure 3.2. The emphasis is on defining a holistic solution that will address the problem in the round.

Feasibility Assessment and Business Case Development

Business Process Improvement

Requirements Definition

Business Acceptance Test

Stakeholder Engagement

Business Change Deployment

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