Craft a Meaningful Business Analyst Career

Craft a Meaningful Business Analyst Career Cover
Inga Davids

January 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Own 2017 by giving more to your work and getting more from it, with these practical behaviours to craft a meaningful business analyst career.

‘Meaningful work’ is a fully-loaded phrase, and a contentious one at that. What exactly is meaningful work? Is it understanding your purpose? Is it about leveraging your personal skill-set? Is it about working on socially responsible initiatives? Or, is it all of these things and, perhaps, more? 

It may take organisations many more years to figure out how to adjust their engagement strategies to appeal to a millennial generation motivated by meaningful work. In the meanwhile, the responsibility lies with us to craft our own business analyst careers to become more meaningful.

If you’re not living your best business analyst self, and the corporate philosophies are getting you down, kick-start 2017 with these actions to craft a meaningful business analyst career.

Own your career

Don’t leave the next 12 months of your career development in the hands of your business analysis manager, take responsibility for how you want 2017 to play out. Think about the type of projects, training needs and gaps in your skill-set, and then have the conversation on how to achieve the outcomes. The only way you’ll get the most out of your own career is when you make the right people aware and get them onboard with where you want to go. 

Know your thing

Crafting your business analyst job in line with your purpose will motivate you in the lowest of lulls and keep you on your own trajectory for success. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Take some time to figure out what makes you tick and what keeps you motivated. Once you’ve found your ‘thing’, find the opportunities inside work and outside work that amplify your purpose, focus your efforts in that direction and pursue those endeavours wholeheartedly. 

Step it up

The brave people are the visionaries, the go-getters, and are unapologetic for what it is that they want to achieve. If you want to succeed don’t surround yourself with the naysayers, you are as great as the people you surround yourself with. Stoke your ambitious millennial fire by aligning yourself with brave purpose-driven individuals, pursue the opportunities others will not, be true to your purpose and bold in your actions.

Get stuck in

The confines of work can sometimes act as blinkers to the opportunities, learnings and growth that can happen outside of the 9-5 pm. The business analyst community is buzzing with activities for you to sink your teeth into. Check out the business analysis community on social media, join-in the meet-ups, evening events and conferences. Get involved to grow your business analysis perspective, build networks and open the doors to more opportunities.

Be hands on

As business analysts we have the opportunity to effect positive change in our organisations and bring value to our customers. Integrate this sense of corporate social responsibility in the work that you do by understanding why you do it and who you are doing it for. It’s great working for a company that is doing great things, but it’s even more rewarding when you start getting your hands dirty to support that vision through your own work.

Don’t sit idly

If you’re waiting for permission you’ll never be the architect of your own career, so why wait for anybody’s permission to pursue your millennial business analyst pot of gold? Don’t let the naysayers dampen your ambition, be confident in your path that you’ve chosen to walk. There are no right and wrong answers in your experiential career journey, it’s your path to tread through and learn from. You know what you want, it’s just a matter of getting there.

Form the habit

Rome was not built in a day, and neither is a meaningful business analyst career. Steady, deliberate and continuous commitment to your own career development is the way you’ll gain the experience you seek and advance your career. Attending courses, reading books, engaging coaches and writing blogs are some of the endless avenues to continually grow yourself, so soak up all the available opportunities!

Give more meaning to your work, and get more meaning from it! You are in full control to craft a meaningful business analyst career, and you’ve got 2017 to do just that!