Connecting Business Analysis with Project Success

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October 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

Connecting Business Analysis with Project Success News

In celebration of great project leadership minds coming together, Joe Newbert, Managing Director of Business Change Academy, has been invited to present a keynote address on connecting business analysis with project success at the PMI MENA Conference (Middle East and Northern Africa), taking place in Kuwait and Bahrain on 3rd and 4th November 2018.

Whilst this unique two-day educational programme about how to evolve to deliver “Project leadership through excellence and innovation” provides opportunities to learn, share and expand understanding of various topics discussions with your peers about project management — it goes a step further by introducing the business analysis element to catalyse the symbiosis between the two professions.

Newbert’s talk titled “Busting Project Manager and Business Analyst Silo Mentality” explores the relationship between project managers and business analysts, and considers how these leadership roles can better collaborate to provide the strategic and tactical expertise required by organisations today.

Newbert, in stating the need for role collaboration, explains,

“The challenge is that whilst business analysts and project managers share a common goal and objectives they have different responsibilities within a project, and often hold conflicting, but not mutually exclusive, perspectives. The business analyst focuses outward with the stakeholders to ensure the right solution is built, while the project manager focuses inward to make sure the solution is built right.”

Often the end result is these two essential leadership roles not working collaboratively, and Joe’s talk aims to break down the silo’s to leverage greater efficiencies by highlighting the current role dynamics, future collaboration opportunities and actions that business analysts and project managers must harness to build strong working relationships and drive team cohesion.

“Inaccurate requirements gathering consistently ranks in the top three causes of project failure yet only half of organisations have the resources in place to perform this function properly, and we are delighted to have Joe deliver a keynote session addressing this issue at the PMI MENA conference this year,” says Tarnbir Kaur CAE, Managing Director of PMI UAE.

Conference delegates will understand the past, present and future narratives of industry and organisations to make sense of the rapidly changing world we operate in today and the new definitions and considerations for business and project success.

You can learn more about the PMI MENA Conference and book your seat here.

About Joe Newbert

Joe Newbert is a trainer, writer, speaker and business consultant, with a focus on remarkable business change through performance excellence. He is the Managing Consultant at Business Change Academy and founder of Inter-View.Report.

For more than 20 years, Joe has been working and leading teams on over 100 projects, across five continents, helping companies and individuals to leverage the benefits of business analysis, solution development and change management for enduring results. As well as assisting organisations such as the IIBA and PMI, Newbert’s other projects include the creation of the hands-on business consulting toolset Sketchnalysis, and Pragnalysis, a resource hub that provides practical guidance for business analysts, project leaders and change managers.

When not enabling business change, you can usually find Joe out in the wilderness, running a trail, somewhere.

About Business Change Academy

Business Change Academy is a training company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2008, Business Change Academy provides accredited qualifications + short courses for project professionals seeking internationally recognised best-practice competencies in business analysis, solution development and change management.

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