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Coaching provides individuals with feedback, insight, guidance and direction to enhance potential. This structured facilitation process helps employees achieve specific outcomes through changes in behaviour. It aims to unlock potential and build skills, experience and confidence to address gaps and maximise individual effectiveness.

“Top performers know that it is only through repeated application and experience that success is achieved.

Following training, the next step to develop the skills you and your team members have learned is coaching and mentoring. Effective coaching and mentoring can help companies raise employee results. 

Develop faster and go further, focus on what makes you tick, achieve your goals and own your career.”

Personal development

BCMGs coaching and mentoring services facilitate behavioural change, leadership, development, performance and career. This real time service is provided by our experts at BCMG, onsite or virtually.

Personal insight

Coaching targets specific development areas, such as establishing a new project, producing a deliverable, developing a new skill, and to reinforce concepts or techniques. BCMGs coaches are experts in to developing skills and behaviours to elevate performance.

Focusing on career and personal development, BCMGs mentoring service provides a safe environment in which the mentoree can feel secure in sharing real issues that impact his or her success. Mentoring takes a broader view of the person in contributing advice, guidance and support.

BCMGs coaching and mentoring services give access to experience, ideas, tips and strategies that build upon individual competencies, team strengths and raise project results.

Coaching and mentoring services

  • Work method: guidance for selecting the approach and deliverables for your project.
  • Task planning: identifying activities, resources, dependencies and estimating effort.
  • Tactical support: input into planning and facilitating workshops and other project sessions.
  • Communication approach: mechanisms to communicate, present and engage stakeholders.
  • Peer review: independent and objective feedback on artefacts, models and deliverables.
  • Performance development: guidance on skills, behaviours, practices and techniques.
  • Career development: help with roles, personal development and career opportunities.
  • Personal influences: support in productivity, balance, self-confidence and self-perception.

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