BCS Advanced international Diploma in Business Analysis

Gain industry-wide recognition as a senior business analyst by demonstrating your experience, expertise and contribution to the business analysis profession.

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The BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis answers the question so often asked by seasoned Business Analysts - "What comes next?"

These professional and consultant qualifications ensure that your experience, specialism and expertise is recognised and provides a career development path for all business analysts - from Senior level through Lead to Practice Manager.

To be awarded the Advanced Diploma, you must fulfil the four requirements detailed below

  • You must hold the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis
  • You need a minimum of five years of business analysis experience
  • You must hold four BCS Professional level Business Analysis certificates
  • You must demonstrate your contribution to the wider BA community

Is This Certification For me?

The BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis is designed for experienced senior business analysts who actively contribute to the development and promotion of the business analysis profession.


Are there any Prerequisites?

The Advanced Diploma itself can only be applied for once you've been awarded the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

How Much Experience Do I Need To Have?

You must have a minimum of five years of business analysis experience at the time you submit your application.


You need modules in each of the analytical, business and people skills specialisms, plus an additional certificate in either the analytical or business skills specialism.


One course from Analytical Skills


One course from Business Skills


One course from People Skills


One course from Business or Analytical

These certificate modules may be gained in any order and include the required examinations. 


You will be required to demonstrate how you have contributed to the wider business analysis profession. This may be through initiatives that are internal to your organisation or maybe through involvement in external business analyst groups.

Get Ahead of The Curve

There are no specific prerequisites to take any of the individual courses themselves, meaning you can start your qualifying modules now!

Great, Which Courses Can I Take?

Choose one of the following analytical skills courses

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Plus one of the following business skills courses

[wpgb_grid id=”5″]

And one of the following people skills courses

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As well as one additional analytical skills or business skills course

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Can I Save with A DIPLOMA Bundle?

Yes! To help you achieve the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis, Business Change Academy offer an Advanced Passport for a discounted price. This passport includes the 4 courses and 4 exams required to gain the Advanced Diploma. *

* Terms and conditions apply

And you can save when we present this programme in-house to your team too.

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