Celebrating Business Analysis Excellence in South Africa

Celebrating Business Analysis Excellence in South Africa Cover
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October 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Celebrating Business Analysis Excellence in South Africa News

Business Change Management Group (BCMG) is proud to launch and sponsor the Business Analyst of the Year South Africa Award, recognising and celebrating business analysis excellence.

Launching in 2017, the Business Analyst Of The Year South Africa Award recognises individual achievement in delivering business analysis work of the highest standard. With competent business analysts on board, business and IT projects are far more likely to achieve their defined objectives and realise the business benefit that organisations, sponsors and stakeholders require. The contribution business analysis offers deserves to get recognition.

“The introduction of this award is significant, as it is essential that the business analysis profession acknowledges its successes and celebrate them both within our organisations and across the wider industry,” says Joe Newbert, MD of BCMG.

It is important that we raise awareness of what the business analysis profession achieves, and the significant and irreplaceable role that it plays in enabling business change. This prestigious award provides a focal point for celebrating business analysis, by recognising business analyst role models for their excellent business analysis work, says Newbert.

The business analysts contending this award will have demonstrated excellence in their work, typically exceeding the expectations of their business and its stakeholders. The inaugural recipient of the Business Analyst Of The Year Award in 2017 will be the individual who has demonstrated the most outstanding contribution across four key areas:

  1. Measurable success – delivering quantifiable value to the organisation.
  2. Requirements delivery – ensuring the right solution is delivered.
  3. Personal development –  enhancing ability to succeed in the future.
  4. Community growth – building recognition of business analysis.

It’s time to celebrate you, the South African Business Analyst. Will you have what it takes to be crowned the inaugural BA Of The Year? Supporting the Business Analyst of the Year Award is a fantastic new way to help promote awareness of business analysis and celebrate its achievements.

Want to know more? To be kept informed about the Business Analyst Of The Year Award South Africa when it launches in 2017 submit your contact details here.