Inga Davids wraps up a year of blogging with her highlights from the journey, and why you should say ‘yes’ and blog to grow your business analyst career.

Avoid business analysis stalemate by being proactive in your approach to developing new BA competencies and breakthrough your business analyst comfort zone.

By living unified collaboration, natural curiosity and open dialogue, here's how millennial traits are evolving business analysis in the conceptual age.

Future-proof your business analyst career in this Conceptual Age, by consolidating and advancing these 5 core BA competencies you need now more than ever.

Acknowledge what you've accomplished, digest what you've learnt and consciously strategise your career by journalling your business analysis work experience.

Work out your need, find the person (or two) and take on the responsibility to grow your career with a business analyst mentor, but make sure you get a good one.

Find the value locked inside individual diversity to bridge the generation gap on your project team, and crack open a new-level of performance potential.

In the era of multi-tasking, maximise your business analyst productivity by prioritising tasks, removing distractions and making time to get things done.