MOST Analysis is a technique for analysing what an organisation aims to achieve (mission & objectives) and how it aims to achieve this (strategy & tactics).

Inga Davids wraps up a year of blogging with her highlights from the journey, and why you should say ‘yes’ and blog to grow your business analyst career.

SWOT Analysis is a technique that considers internal and external situations to exploit strengths, remedy weaknesses, seize opportunities and mitigate threats.

Do wonders for your stakeholder relationships by amplifying stakeholder interactions through authenticity to create personal connections that build trust.

Business Activity Modelling is a technique to show high-level activities and logical dependencies as a conceptual model, based on a stakeholders perspective.

Avoid business analysis stalemate by being proactive in your approach to developing new BA competencies and breakthrough your business analyst comfort zone.

CATWOE Analysis is a technique for understanding a stakeholders perspective and the impact that this view will have on the direction of the business change.

By living unified collaboration, natural curiosity and open dialogue, here's how millennial traits are evolving business analysis in the conceptual age.