Tulani Maka Opens Doors in the Business Analysis World

Tulani Maka Training Course Delegate

Tulani Maka is a Business Analyst at Saratoga and a recent delegate on our Foundation in Business Analysis course.

Tulani found the Foundation in Business Analysis to be an eye opening course, giving him many tools and techniques that he can use to achieve his business analysis goals and manage requirements. He believes that what he learnt will open doors for him in the business analyst world.

Here’s what Tulani had to say about his training experience:

Tell us a bit about yourself, Tulani.

I’m a proud father and a die hard Orlando Pirates fan.

And, having completed a B.Com (IS), B.Com(Hons)(IS) and Certificate in Business Analysis, I currently operate as a Business Analyst at Saratoga – with 6 years’ experience working on document management, financial services and digital media solutions.

Why did you choose to take the foundation in business analysis course?

My reasons for taking on this course were to improve my knowledge and understanding in the business analysis space. I was particularly looking to learn tools and techniques that I can use in my everyday life, to better handle client requirements and add value to the team I’m working with.

And the course met my expectations 101%.

How will the course help you in your career?

Previously I’ve found requirements management to be an area that challenged me, but the learnings from the course will go a long way in solving that.

What was your biggest learning – did you have an AHA! Moment?

My most valuable learnings were the many tools and techniques that we covered, and they will help me to achieve my business analysis goals. I especially found the PESTLE technique to be very insightful.

What did you enjoy most about the BCMG training experience?

I enjoyed every aspect of the training. Keep up the good work!

What would you tell someone who is considering doing this course?

I’d recommend it, because it’s an eye opening course that could open doors in the business analyst world!

In the spirit of ‘keep growing’, what would you like to learn next?

I would definitely like to complete the International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Tulani took the steps to learn new techniques which has opened doors for him in the business analyst world. Are you ready to gear up? Download the Foundation in Business Analysis course brochure now .

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