Paulo Conde Expertly Steps Into His Stakeholders Shoes

Paulo Conde Training Course Delegate

Paulo Conde, Senior Business Analyst at Derivco, shares his training experience having recently completed the Business Analysis Practice course.

On the training Paulo learnt how to consider different perspectives and really step into his stakeholders shoes, and has gained expertise on how to best approach strategic business analysis from which he is making a meaningful impact.

Here’s what Paulo had to say about his training experience:

Tell us a bit about yourself, Paulo.

I’m a mountain biker trapped inside a Business Analyst’s body!

By day I am a Senior Business Analyst at Derivco, with more than 10 years business analysis experience. By night I’m a husband, father, activist, entrepreneur and active IIBA volunteer with a passion for making the world a better place.

In the little spare time that I have, I’m an avid mountain biker, trail runner and guitarist.

Why did you decide to take the business analysis practice course?

I took the course to get a better understanding of how Business Analysts can play a part in strategic initiatives, specifically with the intention of establishing a strategic business analysis role in Derivco.

How will the course help you in your career?

The course equipped me with the knowledge on how best to approach strategic business analysis and make a meaningful impact, in a logical manner.

What’s most valuable, is that it’s given me hands-on knowledge of what strategic business analysis is all about and how we as Business Analysts can play a fundamental role in it.

And it’s given me some powerful tools to start making a difference in my day-to-day work.

What was your biggest learning - did you have an AHA! Moment?

There are lots to choose from, but two really stood out for me:

  1. The POPIT model -- because often we neglect people and the organisation, and focus mainly on the IT and process side of things. In many cases, the issues are far wider than we imagine.
  2. That we need to get into stakeholder’s shoes, and not just impose our views on them - as highlighted by a CATWOE analysis.

What did you enjoy most about the BCMG training experience?

Everything -- it was spot on.

The trainer powered through tons of well-crafted content in a way that kept the course engaging and fun.

It was really great to actually get stuck into lots of practical examples with the rest of the attendees – it’s not the kind of course where you sit back and listen for hours on end.

What would you tell someone who is considering doing this course?

Definitely do it -- I genuinely believe that you can’t do proper strategic business analysis without having these tools.

In the spirit of ‘keep growing’, what would you like to learn next?

I’ll see what’s on offer in terms of courses, but the focus for now is getting practical experience and know-how, at Derivco, using the knowledge I’ve learnt.

Paulo took the steps to learn how to approach strategic business analysis and is making a meaningful impact. Are you ready to gear up? Find out more about the Business Analysis Practice course here.

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