Dijon Mendes Translates Requirements Better with BCA

Dijon Gabriela Mendes is a Business Analyst at Iot.nxt with 4 years of business analysis experience. As her career advanced, she knew she needed a better way to translate customer needs into functional requirements - all while improving her knowledge and skillset as a business analyst. By undertaking Business Change Academy's Foundation in Business Analysis course, she was able to understand the key stages, the steps involved in each, and what techniques she should use to get the best results.

Helping Dijon advance as a business analyst

Dijon Gabriela Mendes has 4 years of business analysis experience and works with Iot.nxt as a Business Analyst. Her job is to translate business requirements received from pre-sales into functional and working solutions. As she grew in the role, she soon realised she needed the necessary training to take her abilities to the next level.

Dijon works closely with the Product Manager within IoT.nxt’s software engineering department, where she has the opportunity to scale up her technical knowledge of various systems and background interconnectivity. As a result, she knew she needed to improve her knowledge and skillset as a Business Analyst. 

Ultimately, she wanted to achieve her goal of becoming an internationally certified business analyst. This certification also needed to give her the industry knowledge, skills, and abilities she was missing. Dijon chose the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis programme as it ticked these boxes, as well as allowing her to complete all the necessary modules flexibly over time.

Learning a better way to translate requirements

To effectively learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for her role, Dijon recognised the need to understand where and how to apply techniques throughout the project lifecycle. BCAs Foundation in Business Analysis course provided the answer. She found success by learning each step across the entire business analysis process and using the relevant techniques covered by BCA.

“In the past, it’s been difficult to see where and how to use techniques within my work. The way the course flowed made complete sense and it was easy to understand how each piece of the business analyst's work contributes to the next. It was amazing to see how it all comes together,” said Dijon.

The way the course flowed and how each piece contributed to the next made it easy to understand how it all comes together.

Dijon Mendes


Other business analysis courses she has attended previously missed the mark, as she realised that she was missing key skills. She found following the template-driven approach leads to mediocre analysis and puts projects under pressure. By using BCAs technique-driven approach, she is now better able to translate business requirements into functional and working solutions. She’s also introduced new techniques to improve the quality of her analysis while maintaining the pace of her delivery. 

Following BCAs business analysis framework across her customer’s journey is key. Once the issues and problems have been suitably uncovered, Dijon analyses her stakeholders and their perspectives on the situation. Then she identifies where improvements could be made before evaluating their feasibility. Finally, she gathers and documents the requirements for changes to the business system.

Dijon especially enjoyed the level of interaction that was facilitated in the BCA training room - allowing everyone to ask questions and offer perspectives. She found that the examples shared and experiences discussed between the trainer and delegates were super-helpful in cementing the relevance and application of the BCA approach in her work.

“Business Change Academy has empowered me to close the gaps on many of my business analysis activities. Through Business Change Academy’s Foundation in Business Analysis training, I’m able to understand the key stages, the steps involved in each, and what techniques I should use to get the best results.”

With BCA, training means skills in the bank

Dijon successfully passed her BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis by learning the modules taught by BCA. Importantly, she’s now able to competently apply a variety of techniques within her projects - increasing the impact she’s able to have. Dijon attributes her success to the quality of the course materials and the insights she gained during the training course.

“I’d recommend the Foundation in Business Analysis training to any business analyst that is looking to improve their career prospects. It’s a great course for business analysts within all types of environments to learn the approaches and techniques to solidify their business analysis knowledge.”

Take the leap to become a certified business analyst!

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