Busting Project Manager and Business Analyst Silo Mentality

Slide cover for Busting Project Manager and Business Analyst Mentality presentation
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November 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Slides from the keynote presentation ‘Busting Project Manager and Business Analyst Silo Mentality’, as presented by Joe Newbert at PMI MENA Conference 2018.

Presentation abstract

Is the scope focussed to enable the right activities? Is the budget sufficient to reap the desired benefits? Is the schedule designed to cement the organisational change?

Delivering stakeholder quality by navigating through these constraints is an imperative for every business in this modern age — an age that’s bringing ever-increasing customer expectations, business risks and project pressures.

This talk explores the relationship between project managers and business analysts, and considers how these leadership roles can better combine to provide the strategic and tactical expertise required by organisations today.

Key takeaways

What you’ll learn:

  • Past, present and future narratives of industry and organisations
  • New definitions and considerations for business and project success
  • Current role dynamics and future collaboration opportunities
  • Actions to build strong working relationships and drive team cohesion

Whether you’re a project manager, business analyst or a hybrid of the two, this talk will unpack common challenges facing business change and spell-out the transformation needed to deliver project leadership through excellence and innovation.

Event details

What, when and where it happened:

  • PMI MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Conference
  • 3-4 November 2018
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait and Manama, Bahrain

About the speaker

Joe Newbert is a trainer, writer, speaker and business consultant, with a focus on successful business change through performance improvement. He is the Managing Director at Business Change Academy and founder of Inter-View.Report

For more than 20 years, Joe has been working and managing teams on over 100 projects, across five continents, helping organisations and individuals to leverage the benefits of business analysis, solution development and change management for enduring results. Newbert’s other projects include the creation of the hands-on business consulting toolset Sketchnalysis, and Pragnalysis, a resource hub that provides practical guidance for business analysts, project leaders and change managers.

When not enabling business change, you can usually find Joe out in the wilderness, running a trail somewhere.