A Business Analyst Elevator Pitch That Goes Right to the Top

A Business Analyst Elevator Pitch That Goes Right to the Top Cover
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November 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

Business Analyst Elevator Pitch BCMG Tips & Tricks

When all you have is 30 seconds to sell yourself, you must make them count. Be one of a kind and make them care with a powerful business analyst elevator pitch.

When you are asked to introduce yourself, what do you say? Are you confident in your reply or do you provide an off-the-cuff, lukewarm self-introduction? Does what you say leave a memorable impression or does it get lost in the dozens of introductions we each hear in the course of a week?

Other people at your company share the business analyst job title, as do many others in other companies and all over the world, and if you offer what they offer then you have no competitive advantage. Why are you the best business analyst to deliver? Building your business analyst brand is not optional, and your job is to relate with gusto how much you love what you do and the difference you make.

But how do you communicate that? How do you combine who you are, what you do and how you do it? How do you get across your unique promise in a way that proves the reality of that promise? How do you impress your proposition to influence buying decisions? Marketing yourself starts with your elevator pitch, a succinct and powerful way to communicate your unique business analyst brand value.

Here’s your five-step business analyst elevator pitch framework:

Tell them who you are, talk to what they need, impress that you’ve done it and how you did it, let them know what happens when you do it, and leave them safe in the knowledge that you can do it again.

Your business analyst elevator pitch makes you one of a kind, by conveying your brand, your proposition and your relevance. Your elevator pitch is the reason to buy from you, when others can also deliver similar value. It shows that when someone invests in you, you will return value for their investment. Your pitch builds rapport and fit by telling clients and stakeholders why they should care.

Let’s take a look at an example, here’s our MD Joe Newbert’s elevator pitch:

Unabashedly passionate catalyst for modern business analysis, enthusiastically gearing up business analysts with training to grow their skills, enable business change and see their careers soar.

Now, that’s twenty-six brief, bold and branded words. Let’s break it down:

#1 Tell them who you are – Joe is an “Unabashedly passionate catalyst for modern business analysis”.
#2 Talk to what they need – This is implied rather than stated. Joe knows that the people and organisations he attracts are looking to master their business analysis capability and elevate their true business analyst value.
#3 Impress that you’ve done it and how you did it – Joe is “enthusiastically gearing up modern business analysts with training to grow their skills, enable business change”.
#4 Let them know what happens when you do it – Joe’s clients “careers soar”.
#5 Leave them safe in the knowledge that you can do it again – Joe’s words hold the conviction that people trust his expertise and experience.

Joe’s elevator pitch is authentic, heartfelt and delivers a connection that resonates with peoples need for modern business analyst training, and the simple words ‘careers soar’ slams home his message. People trust that his value proposition is a good investment.

Bonus Tips

  1. Prepare your pitch – plan your introduction so that it takes roughly about the same time as an elevator ride.
  2. Practice your pitch – rehearse your introduction until it rolls off your tongue without hesitation or fumbling.
  3. Polish your pitch – seek trusted feedback to refine your message and adjust as your proposition changes.
  4. Power your pitch – it’s not just what you say that makes an impression, a big part is also how you say it.
  5. Pitch your pitch – it’s not bragging if it’s true and if you don’t believe you make a difference why would anyone else?

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