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July 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Business Analyst Branding For The Modern Analyst News

At BA Summit 2016, Joe Newbert will be providing a highly practical business analyst branding talk on the tools for differentiation and self-promotion.

To become irresistible, influential and incredibly happy in their roles, make sure you attend the talk BA 4.0: Your Business Analyst Brand Innovated and learn how to successfully harness, shape, and market your most compelling career asset – you.

Every individual has a personal brand and whilst you may not consciously be cultivating your brand, it exists nonetheless. Did you know that your business analyst branding is not what you say it is, but rather what your stakeholders say it is?

Career management is a thing of the past and career marketing is the order of the day!, says Newbert.

The many offline and online tools offer so much opportunity to stand out in today’s connected world which has become ultra competitive. “Landing work opportunities such as great projects or even a new position is all about differentiation. When you clearly set yourself apart from others competing for the same jobs or assignments, you generate interest and are much more likely to come up trumps. Business analyst branding makes this happen,” says Newbert.

In addition to sharing the importance and imperatives of personal branding, the 50 minute session is packed with steps, tips, insights and practical frameworks that can be implemented for success. Newbert explains a personal brand as a

… constantly evolving narrative of interesting, expert and relevant value that builds market value, creates excitement and attracts opportunities.  

You could be misled into thinking that this statement only holds true for a company or branded product. “In fact this is how people should be thinking of themselves and the time is now for individuals to become expert marketers of themselves,” says Newbert.

Be in control and influence how people make decisions about you by attending this track.

Is your business analyst branding in need of a boost? Attend Joe’s BA Summit SA seminar, taking place on the 14 September 2016 at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, and get Your Business Analyst Branding Innovated.