Business Analysis Weighs In at PM Summit 2017

Business Analysis Weighs in at PM Summit 2017 Cover
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October 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Business Analysis Weighs In at PM Summit 2017 News

Project managers are trained from the get go to ‘get it right, the first time’. But what does it take to get a project right, the first time? And how do we define ‘right’? Find out how project success goes beyond achieving the triple constraints of scope, schedule and budget, as business analysis weighs in at PM Summit 2017 South Africa.

For answers to these questions and an opportunity engage with industry experts, don’t miss the PMI South Africa’s PM Summit on 9 November 2017 — at which Joe Newbert, MD of Business Change Management Group, will explore how having a focus on business activities, benefits and change can layer-up on the usual technical approaches to project management.

Dr. Lynn A. Keeys, PMP, President of PMI South Africa explains:

“Getting projects right in these times of unprecedented disruption, requires a different, comprehensive view of how to formulate, execute and deliver projects,”

Taking the right approach means understanding this new environment through business analytics and innovative approaches that enable adaptability, emergence and agility. These are exciting times for transforming how business analysis and project management work together in this new business context.

“Staying on the cutting edge of innovation in knowledge and practice is an imperative, and we’re delighted to have Joe Newbert talk to this very challenge,” says Dr. Lynn A. Keeys, PMP, President of PMI South Africa.

Joe’s presentation “Unfinished Symphony of Business Analysis and Project Management” will take an intimate look at business analysis and project management collaboration, and consider the transformation that must take place to achieve business success.

PM Summit boasts a stellar line up of confirmed speakers that are guaranteed to entertain, inspire and provoke lively discourse on a host of topics on which they are experts. As such, sessions promise to be lively and provocative, dealing with all areas of project management, such as stakeholder engagement, governance, leadership, benefits and business analytics.

Delve into new ways of thinking and learn contemporary project management approaches — register now for PM Summit 2017 presented by PMI South Africa Chapter.

About Joe Newbert

Joe Newbert is a trainer, writer, speaker and business consultant, with a focus on remarkable business change through performance excellence. He is the Managing Consultant at Business Change Academy and founder of Inter-View.Report.

For more than 20 years, Joe has been working and leading teams on over 100 projects, across five continents, helping companies and individuals to leverage the benefits of business analysis, solution development and change management for enduring results. As well as assisting organisations such as the IIBA and PMI, Newbert’s other projects include the creation of the hands-on business consulting toolset Sketchnalysis, and Pragnalysis, a resource hub that provides practical guidance for business analysts, project leaders and change managers.

When not enabling business change, you can usually find Joe out in the wilderness, running a trail, somewhere.

About Business Change Academy

Business Change Academy is a training company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2008, Business Change Academy provides accredited qualifications + short courses for project professionals seeking internationally recognised best-practice competencies in business analysis, solution development and change management.

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