Breakthrough Your Business Analyst Comfort Zone

Breakthrough Your Business Analyst Comfort Zone Cover
Inga Davids

October 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Avoid business analysis stalemate by being proactive in your approach to developing new BA competencies and breakthrough your business analyst comfort zone.

Professional development is a top-factor in retaining creative, nimble and tenacious business analysts. Because business analysts seek opportunities to continually grow their skill-set in a meaningful way and are deeply concerned about their personal journey to reach their career milestones.

Business analysis courses are a fundamental means of developing the knowledge, skills and abilities needed. Their foundation will serve you throughout your career. And once completed you need to actively seek out opportunities to test and refine the approaches, techniques and tools that you learnt.

Project work provides the ideal playground to practise this, with the benefit of having a real-world environment and situations that extend your business analysis competencies. Think about taking this stage to star in your own professional development and ensure that you never find yourself in business analysis stalemate.

Here are three ways to breakthrough your business analyst comfort zone:

Assess your business analyst toolbox

It is easy to fall into the groove of using your trusted techniques and tools to deliver project success. But this can lead to forming a business analyst rut, and it is important to regularly consider your current toolbox.

Opportunities to stretch existing competencies and discover new ones are abundant on projects — it’s just a matter of taking a moment, lifting your head from the weeds and seeing the options before you.

What are your go-to techniques? Which tools need sharpening? What techniques are best suited for the assignment? Which tools are you missing?

Select the business analysis tools and techniques that deserve attention and will compliment project delivery. 

Turn to trusted advisers

The ability to tap into the experience of others is priceless. Your learning can be accelerated by people who have traversed similar journeys and can help guide you in considering the best approach.

Don’t hesitate to ask experienced peers, managers and team members for their insightsGetting an objective and informed perspective on whether the skill set is best suited to achieve the project outcomes is invaluable.

Confirm whether you’re on the right track, check if you’re going down any rabbit holes and consider alternative ways that may be better suited.

Be open to the advice of your mentors as they will give you the kick-start you need.

And put it into practise!

Unchartered territory is often daunting, but nothing is ever gained without trying. So carve out dedicated time and make a considered effort to practice the ability that you’ve decided to focus on building.

Learn and perform the competency, identify areas for improvement, make the necessary adjustments and you will soon improve your standing.

Lay the groundwork and live the professional business analyst career you aspire to.

Today there is no place for complacent business analysts. Only diversified business analysts.

True business analyst expertise is demonstrated when you’re able to harness your broad skill-set and adapt to suit the variety of projects and stakeholders needs. And this can only achieved by thinking holistically about the opportunities you have available to learn. Link your progression to a career competency model for the added bonus of setting-up future conversations in motivation for career progress.

Having a considered and open-minded approach to career development places you in the perfect position to breakthrough your business analyst comfort zone and set yourself up for sustained business analysis growth.