Find Your Business Analysis Mojo Cover

Find your Business Analysis Mojo, as presented at the IIBA South Africa Johannesburg Chapter event on 29th October 2012.

Slide cover for Build Your Business Analyst Blueprint presentation

Build your Business Analyst Blueprint, as presented at the Business Analysis Summit South Africa (BASSA) on 5th September 2012.

Slide cover for Building Blocks for Business Analysis Competency presentation

Exploring real-world practices for organisational capability and maturity improvement, Joe Newbert presents Building Blocks for Business Analysis Competency.

Slide cover for The Art Of War for Business Analysis presentation

Business analysis is still to realise its full potential, popular myth-conceptions need to be dispelled and the profession must be reframed.

Test Analysis meets Business Analysis, as presented at the South Africa Cape Town Tester Interest Group event on 10th November 2009.

The Art of War for Business Analysts Cover

Timeless and supple, The Art of War remains resoundingly relevant and can be applied to other battles, both personal and in business. 

Soften-up and step-up Business Analyst, as soft skills play a powerful role in shaping transformation, integrating disparity and influencing people to adopt change.