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Franco Anderson strikes his fist-pumping pose after completing the BCA Foundation in Business Analysis course.

Being new to the IT Business Analyst role, Franco Anderson was keen to learn as much as possible about business analysis to improve his knowledge and skills. Here’s how Franco stayed on top of his career with BCA.

Yaseen Patel Training Course Delegate

Yaseen Patel is a business analyst at Saratoga who enjoys working on projects which allow him to unleash his passion to solve problems. He has 3 years of experience and volunteers with the IIBA-SA Chapter as Social Media Manager.

Black Friday Sales

Will Black Friday 2022 bring a Business Change Academy Discount? What about a Cyber Monday Sale? Or a special offer around Christmas? These questions come up quite frequently this time of the year. Read on to find the answer…Note: This offer was made for Black Friday 2021, but we are offering the exact same special again for

As Dijon Mendes advanced her career, she knew she needed a better way to translate customer needs into functional requirements. Here’s how Dijon improved her knowledge and skillset as a business analyst with BCA.