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Inga Davids

December 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Inga Davids wraps up a year of blogging with her highlights from the journey, and why you should say ‘yes’ and blog to grow your business analyst career.

When the big hairy audacious goal of guest posting a year long millennial business analyst blog series was proposed, the words from my favourite book ‘Lean In’ popped to mind:

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat. You just get on.”

The millennial business analyst blog series was my rocket ship.

I knew that opportunities like these do not come around often, nor so soon in ones career, nor with the personal support and global network offered by Business Change Management Group (BCMG). I also knew that I had never done anything like this before, but I also knew I had everything to gain from the experience. So there was no doubt that I had to jump on the rocket ship and enjoy the ride.

And so here we are, in December 2017, with that big hairy audacious goal complete. Tick.

But how has the year blogging helped my business analyst career?

Here are my highlights from the experience, that I hope will encourage you to take the opportunity to share your business analysis learnings, insights and passions.

Finding my space

When I think of the ‘heavy chefs’ in business analysis, they are all influencers with particular niches that distinguish them from one another.

Blogging around a central theme has allowed me to differentiate myself amongst my business analyst peers.

Through blogging I’ve delivered industry content that has contributed to a niche discussion on the influence and impact that millennial business analysts bring to the table. Tapping into this platform enabled me to discover my own track, refine my ideas and build-up a portfolio that will help to propel my career forward.

Telling my story

Before I began blogging I rarely practiced the power of storytelling when conveying ideas or trying to win over stakeholders.

Practice makes perfect, and through blogging I’ve seen how tailoring communication really influences my message.

Blogging pushed me to become a clearer thinker and to articulate those thoughts more clearly. It has been a platform on which I’ve flexed my story telling muscle; by not only relying on logic and fact but by blending in relatable content with the intention of bringing people on a journey — an invaluable skill for any business analyst.

Reaching my community

Communication is not limited by geography — the world is our playpen — and blogging helped me network locally and internationally.

Having a global audience opened up untapped places, allowing me to stir-up fresh conversations and build new connections.

Growing a global network has given me the platform to hear perspectives of fellow business analysts on the topic of millennials in the workplace and has become a great source of inspiration. Belonging to a broader community has boosted my available network, which can be leveraged for future client, project and volunteer endeavours.

Cementing my brand

When starting the blog series some of my initial fears were “What happens if nobody shares the post?”, “What if there are no retweets?”

Keeping focused on the bigger picture goal –rather than likes and kudos — helped raise my business analyst stock.

Once I reminded myself that this journey of building trust and establishing clout within the business analysis profession cannot be rushed, I knew my journey to building a business analyst brand is a long journey. Blogging is one of the many building blocks to start cementing that professional brand and becoming a trusted advisor.

Overall, being consistent and persistent in my blogging efforts ensured that I navigated this powerful year-long journey of professional and personal self-discovery triumphantly. The willingness to share my insights, desire to show my passions, courage to learn my lessons, maturity to accept my feedback, and keep growing, has been hugely rewarding already. And I’ve only just begun.

Are you ready to take a seat on the rocket ship? When you’re willing to, your possibilities for career growth and fulfillment are endless.