Beyond Stakeholder Analysis And Management

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Joe Newbert

November 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

Beyond Stakeholder Analysis And Management BCMG Talk

Unpacking what’s needed for remarkable stakeholder engagement, Joe Newbert presents Beyond Stakeholder Analysis And Management at PMI BA Virtual Conference.

Presentation abstract

Why has project failure become the industry standard? How can projects deliver business value? What stands in the way of meeting stakeholder needs?

Finding answers to these questions in an imperative for organisations that wish to survive and thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution — an era that’s bringing a dramatic increase in customer expectations, business risks and project pressures.

This presentation suggests the lenses for project success, works through a good-practice framework and considers valuable techniques to engage, communicate and collaborate around a shared understanding with the stakeholder community.

Key takeaways

What you’ll learn:

    • Challenges for business analysis, project delivery and change management
    • Activities for performing practical stakeholder analysis and management
    • Tactics for building relationships that satisfy your stakeholder, organization and self

Whether you’re a business analyst, project manager or a hybrid of the two, this talk will unpack what’s needed to create better stakeholder engagement experiences and attain the information needed to ultimately meet the needs of the business.

Event details

  • PMI Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2017
  • 8th November 2017
  • Anywhere, internationally

About the speaker

Simply put, Joe Newbert is an unabashedly passionate catalyst for modern business change.

Through his proactive industry involvement and disruptive community innovations, Joe, Managing Director at BCMG and Founder of Inter-View.Report, is well-known internationally as a foremost thinker on contemporary business analysis, project delivery and change management competency. 

Joe is helping to grow the next generation of business and IT consultants through BCMG’s sought-after business analysis training courses and advisory consulting.