BA Of The Year Award Is Postponed For 2017

BA Of The Year Award Is Postponed For 2017 Cover
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May 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

BA Of The Year Award Is Postponed For 2017 News

In keeping with the prestige and philosophy of celebrating the industry achievement of business analysts, despite the high-level of enthusiasm received from the business analysis profession and organisations to celebrate their peers achievements in successful project delivery, the BA Of The Year Award is postponed for 2017.

In a statement from BA Of The Year Convenor, Joe Newbert, the team has arrived at the difficult decision to postpone the 2017 award. “While we were delighted with the high-levels of enthusiasm from individuals and business, the reality is that overall there were inadequate responses to execute the award in a way deserving of the business analyst community.”

Newbert continued, “There are many worthy business analysts who diligently go about delivering great work: driving value, ensuring quality, developing skills and growing others, and

… the BA Of The Year Award exists to acknowledge these professional achievements.”

The award will be back again, with the inaugural Business Analyst Of The Year Award being handed to the person who demonstrates the most outstanding contribution throughout the award processacross the four key areas:

  • Measurable success – delivering value to the organisation.
  • Requirements delivery – ensuring the right solution is delivered.
  • Personal development –  enhancing ability to succeed in the future.
  • Community growth – building recognition of business analysis.

“You can expect full support for Business Analyst of the year,” says Newbert, “the whole team are fully committed to championing the contribution of individual business analysts.”

Download the application form, and consider how you can position yourself to win this prestigious award.

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