7 Things That Help Me Get Things Done

7 Things That Help Me Get Things Done Cover
Business Change Team

March 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

In a business analyst’s world of many tasks, for many people, to achieve many things I find that these things are the 7 things that help me get things done.

Today I need to get more done than I did yesterday. Tomorrow will bring even more.

I am not referring to the never ending to-do list. That is here to stay. Accepted. My challenge is regarding the quantity I need to accomplish for the variety of responsibilities I have in life. The art of juggling, if you will.

1. Get enough sleep

If you’re physically or mentally exhausted you simply cannot be as effective. Lack of sleep has a massive effect on health and well-being.

You want to live long and happy? Sleep optimally.

2. Wake up early

Create a new 60-90 minute window before the usual day kicks in. Exercise, work on that side-line project when fresh or tackle one of those nagging tasks. Yes, you will need to go to bed earlier.

Decide what’s important, “Who killed J.R.?”. Don’t hit snooze.

3. Divide to conquer

Carve up the days, weeks and month to create time-boxes with boundaries that fit your life. We all wear multiple hats: work vs family vs play vs commitments.

Life is full? Balance.

4. Plan with purpose

What should you be doing? Meditate on the long term picture. Create to-do lists. Multiple lists, one for each hat. Prioritise based on importance and value. Organise efficiently, consider people, places and patterns.

Things change? Yes they do.

5. Get things done

Which time-box is scheduled? What does your plan say? Start at the top of the list and work down. Tackle one task at a time and focus. Multitasking is bad.

Perfectionist tendencies? Do just enough.

6. Protect your turf

Schedule specific periods to tackle email. Avoid accepting other people’s monkeys. Politely decline superfluous meetings. Resist impulsive web browsing. Turn off social media notifications.

Distracted? Remember value.

7. Look after yourself

Make sure your environment is comfortable. We all have concentration spans, take regular breaks. Eat well and drink well. Exercise daily.

Difficulty in forming habits and practices? 21 days ‘they’ say.

Productivity advice works best in the context of your personality and situation. This works for me. What works for you?