5 Core BA Competencies You Need Now More Than Ever

5 Core BA Competencies You Need Now More Than Ever Cover
Joe Newbert

September 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Future-proof your business analyst career in this Conceptual Age, by consolidating and advancing these 5 core BA competencies you need now more than ever.

Virtual reality, delivery drones, holograms from projector phones. Jetpacks, robotics, artificial intelligence learning all tricks. Synthetic-bio, wearable-tech, tattoos performing health checks. Teleporters, mind-reading machines, connected life through the internet of things. Smart yoghurt, invisible cloaks, 3D printing bones that broke. Hyper-loops, flying cars, spaceships shuttling emigrants to Mars.

Yet, as futuristic all these big ideas may sound, this is a small slice of a future that’s already here.

And, it’s predicted that in the next 50 years the world will experience more change than it has in the previous 10,000 years.

Meaning, one thing is for certain — the future is uncertain.

But, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Raise your game by focusing on these 5 core BA competencies you need now more than ever.

#1 Whole-Brain Thinking

It’s hard to exaggerate how fundamental this competency is.

Knowledge, data and left-brain thinking, aspects that exemplified the Information Age, are being firmly elaborated on by right-brain creativity in a Conceptual Age that is asking for imagination, innovation and vision.

Solve problems with your whole-mind – not just analysis but also synthesis, …

by analysing hypothetical situations, abstracting concepts to compile insight and synthesising seemingly unrelated ideas to invent better solutions.

#2 Empathetic Modelling

Forever the only real way to share understanding.

Competencies like logical thinking and attention to detail, with their reliance on text, sequence and rules, are being soothed by accessible illustrations, maps and pictures portraying meaningful personal identification.

Identify with stakeholder needs and purpose — not just function but also experience, …

by listening with their ears, seeing with their eyes, trying with their hands, feeling with their hearts and experiencing the world from that customer’s perspective.

#3 Idea Facilitation

Because a metaphor is still worth a thousand pictures.

A good business case was never really enough, even more so in this digital world that’s overflowing with information, what still matters more is the ability to place facts in context and deliver them with emotional impact.

Sell with a compelling narrative not just logic but also storytelling, …

by seeing things that exist outside of raw data and numbers and conveying those elements that formal decision methods leave out to communicate and persuade.

#4 Context Independence

The golden chalice of business analysis consulting.

Much of the Information Age required focus, cementing domain knowledge or technical expertise, but the growing premium is in solving problems that cross a variety of different fields with disruptive ideas at their intersection.

Specialise in interdisciplinary agility — not just focus but also symphony, …

by knowing the frameworks, techniques and tools intimately to orchestrate creative solutions no matter the industries, technologies and disciplines.

#5 Intrepid Leadership

Initiating will always beat responding or reacting.

Many are directed to find the right answers to questions, guided by popular thinking, but of much greater value is the ability to ask the right questions and knowing where to focus will be determined by the questions you are asking.

Act with courage and resilience – not just tact but also tenacity, …

by emerging from the shadows of corridors to face obstacles and interact with what you want to learn, with ego-strength and a sense of humor.

In our spiraling evolution of change you can help yourself enormously by focusing on the foundational business analysis skills, because as much as these have been needed up until this point – their value will keep on spiraling through Business Analysis 4.0, and beyond.